2018 Audi RS7 Combines Power With Luxury, But With Price

The new 2018 Audi RS 7 has sufficed all expectations too well. It redefines the wow-factor in looks, and throws in a lot of power for good measure. For the uninitiated, RS is the performance division of Audi, much like ‘M’ is for BMW and ‘AMG’ is for Mercedes-Benz. Defining the immense power will leave you short of words. You can feel the power in the RS 7 version of Audi. Everything inside the Audi RS 7 deserves a ‘wow’ factor, from genteel interiors to sporty curves galloping throughout the car. The magic of piercing into thin air is simple when you experience the Audi RS 7.

Let us get an insight into the specs associated with the sports sedan.

What you’ll like about the car

  • Spacious cargo bay
  • Folding rear spoiler look utterly cool
  • Sports car-like performance figures

What you won’t

  • Stiff ride quality
  • Steering feel is a little dead
  • Can seat only four
  • Understeer

What does the 2018 offer over 2017 model?

  • Decoupling of cylinders improves fuel efficiency
  • New Sport Exhaust makes the driving experience more fun than before

Your gut will get stronger with the powerful twin-turbo, 4.0 Liter V8 Engine featuring TFSI technology. The engine churns out an astounding 605 hp and 553 lb.-ft of Torque. These values are achieved at your command on the accelerator. The RS 7 will leave the best drivers speechless with its performance. The car hits another milestone of zooming a 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds, which in all honesty, is mind-blowing performance!

On the driver’s end, Audi Engineers have done their best to provide the best driving experience in the RS7. Adaptive air suspension continuously tunes the damper according to road conditions enhancing vehicle stability and comfort. The car automatically raises slightly in the city and sits lower when on highways improving dynamic handling of the RS 7. The car also comes with Audi drive select which features four modes – Comfort, Dynamic, Auto and a fully custom individual setting to adjust the sedan according to the driver.

Now, you can experience the best acceleration thrill with the Eight-speed Tiptronic automatic Transmission which holds dual characteristics. The sporty attribute of a Manual gearbox and the advantages of an automatic are taken in account by the advanced transmission system of Audi. With high on mechanical specs, the car is also equipped with the best set of technology and infotainment options in the segment.

Now you can connect to anyone anytime with Audi Connect. The package is a perfect blend of current technology. From precise information from Google Earth, weather conditions and traffic information at your tips you can explore the unexplored in the 2018 Audi RS 7.

The car also has a built-in 4G LTE connectivity and Wi-Fi Hotspot to connect to your mobile and enjoy uninterrupted service forever. Informative Head-up Display projects driving-related info and warnings on the windshield so you are also focused on the road. Audi always has something new to offer.

Advanced driver assistance technology enabled in the new Audi RS 7 takes care of a jolly ride by constantly monitoring road conditions, traffic, and obstacles. It also pings you an alert if some unpredictable stuff comes your way. Moreover, the adaptive cruise control takes care of car dynamics by automatically maintaining a safe distance with the vehicle ahead of you.

A fastback silhouette gives the car a bolder look and you can feel a level of chauvinism when experiencing the RS 7. Sporty alloys complementing the high-performance disc brakes with an ABS control system gives the car the best aesthetics in the segment. Valcona leather seating with contrasting honeycomb stitching comes as a standard with the RS designation. Genteel interiors with soft material redefine luxury sports with the Audi RS 7. Sirius XM satellite radio with premium Bose surround sound audio system keeps the music lovers grooved to the car always.

With premium features and cutting-edge technology featured in the RS 7, the sports sedan is also equipped with advanced safety features. INRIX XD Traffic which comes as a standard with the package monitors traffic conditions and tunes the mechanical system s accordingly. Airbags with supplemental constraints take care of the passengers during a crash or an unforeseen accident. Though, the airbags will not deploy in every crash condition. The intelligent algorithm calculates whether or not to deploy the safety bags. The 2018 Audi RS 7 MSRP starts at $ 113,900 which although pricey, is totally worth the money. To anyone who can afford one, please go get one this very moment.

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