5 Ways to get real Instagram Followers Organically

The Instagram algorithm has changed and it seems to like post engagement on Instagram. When you have good post engagement then Instagram show your posts to the number of people. Your post will show up on the explore page, and location page of Instagram. In this post, we will discuss how you can beat new Instagram’ algorithm to boost your engagement and get real Instagram followers organically. Let’s get into it!

How to get real Instagram followers organically

  • Focus on making friends not followers
  • Share fun photos, quotes or quizzes
  • Fill in the blank
  • Do a #Fridayintroductions
  • Tell people in your Instagram Story what type of post they want to see on feeds
  • Ask Questions in your post captions:

Focus on making friends not followers

If you are starting on this photo-sharing app, take your time and don’t rush. Find the people who have the same interests and follow them. Leave comments on their posts and like their posts as well. Use hashtags to find new people. Consider focusing on making new friends on Instagram, not followers.

Share fun photos, quotes or quizzes:

Everyone wants to have fun, so share fun photos more often. Also, share inspirational and motivational quotes with your audience. Get their reaction and feedback by posting quizzes and encourage your followers to take part in it.

Fill in the blank

If you want to increase your post engagement then share fill in the blank type posts. You can write in the caption like:

If you could get a chance to go anywhere in the world, where would you go —–

Do a #Fridayintroductions:

On Instagram, there is a hashtag community called #fridayintroductions where people come and introduce each other every Friday. People usually share the post they like and fun facts about themselves. You can also invite others in the comments to introduce themselves.

Tell people in your Insta Story what type of post they want to see on feeds

A lot of people and brands are doing the same on Instagram due to various reasons. One of the biggest reason to increase your engagement within the first hour you posted video or photo. Instagram will show your post to the number of people as high engagement rate shows that there is something unique. Tell your followers in your stories what type of post they want to see in the newsfeed. Also, let them know when you will share the new post.

Ask Questions in your post captions:

You can ask the question in your stories to drive engagement. Encourage your followers to give answers to these questions. You can ask that type of question like:

• “Which one do you prefer among all?”

• “Which photo do you like the most from my France trip album?

• “What do you think about ______?”

• “Leave a comment with star emoji if you came from out Instagram story

• “Something you want to know about me?

• Which type of content do you want to see on our feeds?

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