Best GBA Games 2018 [Updated List]

Game Boy Advance also popularly known as GBA was released in 2001 as the next model of the game boy series after Game Boy Line. Games on the GBA mostly of Nintendo & sega were the best, the low graphics game were the starting of the gaming era and GBA was the last of the devices where you could play these fantastic games, today many of the GBA games are still played by the gamers on GBA emulators of PC or smartphones.

Best GBA Games in 2018


Today I am going to tell you the list of best Game Boy Advance (GBA) games that you can play for fun, and remember the older times with them. So, let’s get started:

#1. Metal Slug Advance


Metal slug series is one of the most played GBA game ever, it was also made for the Sony PlayStation’s early versions too. The game is fun to play, and has many exciting levels. Here you can get many weapons and have the option to play with various avatars and can play multiplayer too.

#2. Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX


The contra series is also one of the oldest game series which made its impact in early 2D games era, and that’s why it was also made for the GBA. Here you will be a soldier fighting various aliens and in the journey, you will get new powers to fight. This game is very enjoyable while playing multiplayer as here you will play side by side and will enjoy every moment of it.

#3. Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith


If you are a star wars fan this game will be very entertaining for you, here you will be playing as Anakin Skywalker or obi Kenobi which are the characters from the movie franchise. Here you will fight in many duels to go advance in the game. Here you will be using many powers like lasers, physical attacks & many more. Your main mission will be to save many planets in your journey in this high action game.

#4. Spider Man: Mysterio’s Menace


This game is for all Spiderman fans, the storyline is about the villain Mysterio who is planning trouble with his friends and it’s up to you that is spiderman to stop him and end to all his mess. The game is one player adventure game, with several levels to fight in. In the game, you will get many new powers and will be able to collect new power suits for the spiderman giving him more skills & ability to fight bad guys. The gameplay is easy and definitely will give you an awesome experience.

#5. Grand Theft Auto (GTA)


Grand theft auto or popularly known as GTA is the game series that is one of the most popular gaming series in the world. It was also made & launched for GBA. As we all aware of the GTA theme, in this game too you will have an open world to explore where you will be able to perform criminal activities and perform the mission. It is very fun to play this game and its storyline is a prequel to GTA 3 which makes it more interesting while playing. The game was one of the best-selling games for GBA. If you are a GTA Game lover, then you will like GTA Vice City Android version too.

#6. Pokemon Series


The Pokemon game series for GBA is one of the most bestselling role-playing games in the market. Various versions of the games were released and all of them had a different storyline to play with, I will especially recommend you to play the Emerald version of the series as this version combines the goodness of its previous versions into this one & has an epic storyline for your journey. You roam the world where you can collect many new pokemon and train them to fight in various leagues to become champion. This series is worth trying once to play and hopefully will give you an awesome experience.

#7. Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure


If you are a Dragon ball anime fan then this game is made for you. The game is originally based on the storyline of the main character Goku but you can also play the adventure with other characters like Krillin & others. Please note that other than Goku if you play with other characters then you will not able to see the cut in scenes in the game which are only shown when you play as Goku. Other than the adventure you can also play multiplayer with your friends as a one on one battle having the options of various characters.

#8. Fifa 07

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If you love soccer games then you must be aware of FIFA series, the game is also one of the popular games of its time. Although the graphics are of low quality the game has an awesome gameplay which is fantastic and very entertaining. It also has many teams from which you can choose and listen to the in-game commentary too.

#9. Disney’s Aladdin


If you like the Aladdin cartoon & love good graphics game then this game is surely worth to try. It has an awesome gameplay & the storyline revolves around the main character Aladdin who needs to save his own city from the villains and also win the love of his princess Jasmine. Also you will need help of his monkey pet or buddy with his genie at various levels of game. The game includes adventure, powers and many exciting characters and also it is a single player game.

#10. Mario & Luigi


Mario is still one of the most playable small games ever. It has an awesome gameplay, and it has both the super Mario bros. that is Mario & Luigi. As like other Mario games, the storyline is same which is to complete the levels and save the queen. This game has something more to offer than others, it has a different style of combats and has many other things to do other than jumping & collecting items. It has a deeper storyline, with dialogues & many evil characters to defeat.

So these were some of the best Game Boy Advance (GBA) games that are worth to try and definitely will give you an awesome gaming experience with simple gameplay. I hope this article gave you all the relevant information that you were seeking for & answered all your queries.

Thank you for reading this article, happy gaming!!

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