Is it possible to buy Instagram followers?

How amazing it is to know that you and thousands of other people believe that your Instagram is worth following. Having good content on Instagram will surely lead you to thousands of followers. However, not always does this work. Due to the strict Instagram norms, gaining followers has become quite difficult over time. If your are an Instagram user, then you might be aware of the term Buy Instagram followers. But does this term come to be true? And does it even help? Let us see.

Yes. It is true that you can buy Instagram followers. In fact, these options come at cheap rates and vary region wise. Such bought followers are generally inactive accounts or bots. 500 Instagram followers can be bought for $6 USD and $10 USD for 1,000 followers. Aforementioned, these followers are either inactive accounts or bots and hence there cannot be seen any engagement on your profile.

If you are determined enough to buy Instagram followers, I would suggest you to once have a look at the following points and consider them:-

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1. Demotion

As you will be investing in fake followers and thus no engagement, there is no assurance of the future except for the fact that you will have an overall negative effect of this system and your profile will be demoting with time. When you have bought fake followers, you will have no idea of what exactly is the opinion of viewers on your posts and content and hence you will be merely satisfied by the numbers and not the opinions.

2. Nothing Lasts Long

When you buy Instagram followers, they might be active on your profile at the beginning and even comment and share your content but with time, this will all fade away. The other real users who will notice that your account has numerically tens of thousands of followers but negligible engagement will take no longer to realize how you gained that number of followers. But if you are looking for a short time investment, this could be your option.

3. Fake followers: Fake fame

Will you yourself be satisfied when you know the numbers of followers on your account is paid? This investment that you made will turn into waste when with time there will be no engagement on your account. People will surely start to realize how you gained followers and that would affect and work negatively for you.

Concluding part:-

That was our part on is it possible to buy Instagram followers. I hope this article has enlightened you in some way and you have made the right decision. Although it consumes time to have a strong Instagram profile but if you invest the money in focusing on improving your content rather than buying Instagram followers, it will be worth the money and the efforts. More importantly, you will have the sense of self confidence like never before.


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