Clash of Null-The Server Built on New Concepts

Clash of Null-The Server Built on New Concepts

Clash of Null is one of the most stable and famous private servers of the Clash of Clans. Like all other private servers, Null’s Clash also provides unlimited resources to the players. One thing very attractive about this private server is that the number of free resources provided are much higher than the number of resources offered by other servers. This means that your free resources are never going to end while playing the game hosted on this server. It also provides an easy way to refill your supplies with a little command. Most of the clashers playing on this server say that you will never find any lag or connectivity issue while playing the game on it. This is mainly because it is built on new concepts using absolutely new algorithms. Due to these algorithms and its unmatched performance, it has become the most attractive of all the private servers.

Download and Install

Clash of Null is the private server offered by Dnull and, therefore, you can download Clash of Null APK through their official website. The game is available both for Android and iOS users. The process is quite simple and easy if you follow specific steps. These steps are:

  • Connect your device with an active internet connection.
  • If you have original Clash of Clans installed, uninstall it.
  • Change the security settings of your device and enable it to accept a download from unknown sources.
  • Open the browser in your device and go Null’s Clash official website.
  • Click on download the file, and it will be downloaded in the form of Clash of Null drop apk.
  • Now search for the location of the file and click Clash of Null 709 apk file. The installation process will begin and will ask the following permissions.
  • It will ask you to allow location access.
  • It will also require media access to connect with media files in your library, media player, and camera.
  • It will also gather all the Wi-Fi related information on your device.
  • You will have to give it access to your phone’s identity including call identity.
  • And, access to your device’s operating system resources will also be required.
  • After providing these permissions, the installation will begin, and you can see it in the notification bar.
  • Your device may also get restarted for 2-3 times, and you should not worry about it.
  • An icon will appear on the main display of your device.
  • You can click the icon and enjoy the game.

Features of Null’s Clash

Like many other private servers, Clash of Null also has many attractive and exciting features. These features attract players from all around the world and make it one of the most used private servers. Some of the exciting and attractive features are:

1) Fast, Secure, and Reliable

The very first and the most praised feature of this server is that it is fast, secure, and reliable. You will never find it lagging, and there will be no connectivity issues. Due to its 100% uptime, it is called the most stable server.

2) Supports 2V2

The next distinctive feature of this private server is that it supports various 2v2 drafts, moods, and friendly battles. This means that you can play the game with any of your friend and family members from all around the world.

3) Availability of Various Challenges

Another outstanding feature of this server is that you can declare and play personal challenges. Moreover, ramp-up and triple elixir are also among the problems that you can play and enjoy the real charm of the game.

4) Unlimited Resources

Like all other private servers, Clash of Null provides the modified version of the game with unlimited resources. You can enjoy the game from the beginning because you will receive unlimited chests, gems, gold, elixir, and other resources from the beginning. Also, the number of resources is much higher. It even provides you the facility to refill these resources too with the help of simple and straightforward commands.

5) Supports Custom Commands

While playing the game, you can add custom commands that make it easy to play for you. This means that you can select the commands of your choice and do not need to memorize those commands. Once you set the commands, the game can easily be controlled with these.

6 Make Alliances

The modified version of Clash of Null APK provides you the facility to make clans with others. You can also join any of the existing clans and play the game to defend your or your friend’s empire.

7) Build Time

The last but not least feature of this private server is that it provides you with the facility of building various custom structures. The most exciting thing is the build time of these structures and troops which is zero. This means that you are always ready to defend your structures by building troops.

Many players want to play Clash of Null hack to enjoy the unlimited resources. The whole map of the game is made visible to the players in the beginning which proves helpful from the beginning. This is because building structures with a defined strategy becomes easy for you. The latest version of the game ensures the availability of Town Hall 12 (TH12) which is the most exciting feature of the original Clash of Clan game.

If you face crashing issues while playing the game you can refer to this official thread by SuperCell

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