Corsair H50 vs H55: The Winner Is Obvious!

Corsair in the recent years are known for their various PC components and accessories and their CPU coolers have also gained a lot of attention in the recent past, in this article we are mainly going to focus on two of their CPU coolers that is Corsair H50 vs H55, but first let us discuss the effect and use of CPU coolers in brief.

From the onset of the 21st-century humans need computers in pretty much every sector of their life, and as the dependency on computers increases, computers are getting more and more powerful and advanced.

With 16 core CPUs now readily available in the market and even 32 cores being a reality, if your CPU cooler is not up to the mark then ultimately your CPU is going to thermal throttle and take a hit in performance, and when you pay such a huge amount of money for the processor you don’t want even 1% of hit in performance.

That’s why having a CPU cooler which can deliver big time is important, Corsair’s range of CPU coolers keep the CPU temperature in control so that you don’t have to worry about thermal throttling and performance and can solely concentrate on your job.

You may think that the stock cooler provided by Intel is sufficient for you, but realistically it isn’t if you want to overclock your CPU even by a bit and use your CPUs power to full extent you need a more powerful cooler and the stock one isn’t an option.

Detailed Comparison: Corsair H50 vs H55

This article is all about the difference between both the above-mentioned products. So let’s not wait time and dive right into it.

Build and design

Both the Corsair H50 and H55 look quite the same, there is hardly any difference in terms of looks.

The radiator is made up of aluminium and the use of copper is evident in the build which has excellent thermal transfer characteristics, they both come in a classy looking black colour which compliments your cabinet.

Although most of the time internal CPU parts are away from the general eyesight and that’s why looks don’t matter much.

In terms of looks both of them perform the same and there is hardly any noticeable difference.


One of the biggest factors when talking about a CPU cooler is what is it’s compatibility, as per Corsair both the H50 and the H55 are compatible with Intel CPUs but in some cases, the H55 supports some AMD CPUs as well.

While H50 supports Intel 115x, Intel 2011/2066 and AMD AM3/AM2, the H55 supports all those and the AMD AM4 as an extra.

The mounting bracket provided in the box is considerably smaller and easy to install all you need is a screwdriver and you are good to go.

Solely, due to the extra compatibility available for AMD CPUs, the H55 takes a lead here.


Well, as we already discussed the main aim of a CPU cooler is to keep the CPU cool and increase its performance as much as it can.

Both of them are self-contained liquid cooling system meaning they are pre-filled and you don’t need to refill it or alter it. They dissipate heat quite efficiently, the fan attached doesn’t make much noise and thus your productive sessions are going to be peaceful and silent.

The fans move at a speed of 1700 rpm and the airflow is capped at 57 CFM which is optimal for great airflow and cooling.

As per the noise level, both the Corsair H50 and H55 stay at a respectable level of 30.32 dBA.

The use of copper and having pre-applied thermal compound also helps a lot, while specs wise both the Corsair H50 and H55 are quite similar, conducted tests have shown the H55 to perform slightly better.

Obviously, an improvement in performance is always appreciated and that’s why here also the H55 takes the lead and leaves the H50 behind, even when the H50 performs very well.


Probably one factor on which everything depends, cost matters a lot even if a product excels in every other field.

From the onset it is generally seen that products launched later are priced higher than its predecessors and the trend continues here also, the H55 is priced higher than the H50 not by much but still, the amount is noticeable.

In their respective price ranges, both the H50 and H55 performs excellently and are recommended for people who want their CPU to perform better and doesn’t like Intel stock coolers performance.


Taking everything in mind in this battle of Corsair H50 vs H55, it is obvious that the H55 outperforms the H50 having more compatibility and better performance but that being said, it loses out to the H50 in the price department.

Corsair H50 vs H55: Which One Should You Buy?

Well the H55 is the best option to go for and its price is not much higher than the H50, but if you don’t want to spend that much money then going for the H50 is also not a bad decision as it also does the job pretty well.

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