Corsair H60 vs Hyper 212 Evo: [Ultimate Showdown Battle]

If you are new to the PC building scene and has not got many ideas about which CPU cooler would work best for you, let us have a sneak peek about the most popular models available in the market today. Among the deals going good these days, Corsair H60 vs Hyper 212 Evo are giving a good set back to one another. Both of them are pretty much in demand due to their efficiency and performance. Well, that has led to confusion as well, since users are commonly facing a tough time in making a choice.

The trendiest CPU coolers recently available are Corsair H60 and Hyper 212 Evo.

Corsair H60 vs Hyper 212 Evo: Detailed Comparison

The Hydro Series H60’s second-generation cooler offers a powerful design with an efficient CPU cooling facility. It comprises a redesigned fan and a low-profile radiator which is meant to assist the H60 that excels at rapid heat withdrawal, dragging it away from your CPU.

On the other hand, the Hyper 212 Evo comes with a wide-range Pulse Width Modulation or PWM fan that delivers high-level performance and its wave-shaped blades ensuring a maximum airflow.

Read on till the end of this article to know more about their specifications and key differences.

Inside the box

Corsair H60 Liquid CPU Cooler comes with one 120mm fan, mounting brackets for Intel™ LGA 115x/1136/2011 and AMD AM2/AM3/AM4/FM1/FM2, mounting screws for fan and radiator and a quick start guide.

In contrast, Hyper 212 Evo comes with 4 Direct Contact heat pipes and one 120mm fan. It comes with a versatile all-in-one mounting solution and a wide-range PWM fan for Intel LGA 1366 / 1155 and AMD FM1 / AM3+.


Corsair H60 is compatible with Intel™ LGA 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, and 2011 and AMD sockets AM2, AM3, AM4, FM1, and FM2.

On the other hand, hyper 212 Evo is compatible with LGA1156 Socket, Socket AM2, Socket AM2+, LGA1366 Socket, Socket AM3, LGA1155 Socket, Socket AM3+, Socket FM1, and LGA1150 Socket.

Advanced cooling 

The Corsair h60 comes with a 120mm fan that incorporates custom-engineered blades, that is meant for better static pressure to noise ratio. It also offers an improved performance at lower noise levels.

Hyper 212 Evo comes with four direct contact heat pipes onto the CPU cooler base that is meant to dispel the maximum amount of heat.

Self – Contained Cooling System

You do not need to deal with complex plumbing any longer for high-performance CPUs and fetch serious liquid cooling. Hydro Series H60 comes pre-filled. It does not need any kind of refilling or priming to be done.

Hyper 212 Evo creates an optimum surface for heat conduction. The fan optimization provides a perfect balance between a high and a low-speed operation.

Tool-free mounting bracket kit

The corsair h60 comes with a modular design that is meant to make the installation process even simpler. It is compatible with Intel and AMD processors as well.

Hyper 212 Evo comes with a flexible design and an anti-vibration rubber pads along with a quick snap cover meant for an easily expedited fan installation.


The flexible design of Corsair h60 offers minimal coolant evaporation, thus, ensuring a long life and providing you with a better leak protection. It also features easy installation even in tight spaces.

Hyper 212 Evo comes with a patented CDC (Continuous Direct Contact) technology and side by side heat pipe configurations with no gap to feature a perfectly smooth surface for heat conduction.

Thermal conductivity

Copper has better thermal conductivity and offers a more efficient heat transfer to the manifold of the Corsair h60.

Hyper 212 Evo comes with aluminum fins and allows efficient heat conductivity.

Corsair H60 vs Hyper 212 Evo – Which one is better?

Between the two, corsair h60 vs hyper 212 Evo, Corsair h60 is better according to customer reviews and performance efficiency. If you are still thinking about which of them to pick, I suggest you go with Corsair h60 since it is more long-lasting and durable.

Final Words:

We hope that you liked our detailed review of the Hyper 212 Evo vs Corsair H60. If you did don’t forget to leave a comment down below and let us know in the comments down below.

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