Corsair K30 vs K40: A Honest Comparison

Are you currently using the Corsair K30 and planning to buy the new K40?


Are you someone who just wants to change their mouse and still confused between the Corsair K30 vs K40?

If you answered yes, to any of the above questions then this article is for you. In this article, I’d walk you through all the specifications and features of both the gaming keyboard the Corsair K40 vs the Corsair K30.

This is my honest opinion on both the keyboards and I hope you’ll love it. Let’s find the best gaming keyboard for your bucks.

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Corsair K30 vs K40: The Final Call

Both the gaming keyboards are almost identical to each other. However, the Corsair K30 is a bit older compared to the newer K40. But to my surprise, not a lot has been changed in the newer K40. Let’s see if the Corsair K40 is worth an upgrade or not.

Overall Build Quality

Talking about the build quality, both the keyboards come with a full plastic design out of the box. The only difference is the color (well that’s not actually a difference :P), but yeah, that is what it is.

The Corsair K30 comes in a Gray color whereas the K40 has a Black color coating on it. I have no complaints about the overall build quality of both the keyboards. It’s great and works fantastic. It could have been better if the company might have added some metal to the body but still, that’s okay considering the price at which the keyboards are offered.


Both the K30 and the K40 comes with a membrane type keys and not with the mechanical keys. That being said, I noticed that the F keys (function keys) on the K40 are very close to the normal keys which makes me click the F11 and F12 keys while pressing the backspace key. That’s kinda annoying, but that is how it is.

On the flipside, the K30 is almost identical to the K40 but doesn’t have any issues with the Function keys.


Here lies the main difference in both the K30 vs K40 keyboards. In fact, this is the only significant difference in both the competitors.

In Corsair K30 you get single colored backlit whereas in the Corsair K40 you get RGB backlit with multiple colors supported.

Hands down, K40 is far better than the K30 in this aspect.


Nothing different in this section. But still, let me give you a quick rundown of all the features that you’ll get on these keyboards.

NOTE: All the features mentioned below are similar in both the gaming keyboards.

  • Six Programmable G-keys
  • Anti-Ghosting
  • Dedicated multimedia keys
  • Windows lock key
  • Onboard memory


There’s not a massive change in the K40 when compared to the K30 expect for the price. The K40 is priced higher compared to the K30 which is disappointing provided that there are not much changes to talk about.

Both the gaming keyboards are almost edge to edge still the company is charging more money for the newer model the K40.

Corsair K30 vs K40 – Which One is Better?

There are three cases which I’d like to share it with you before you finally decide which one to go with so please read carefully till the end.

Corsair K30 vs K40

Case 1:

If you already own the older generation Corsair K30, then there’s no point in buying the Corsair K40. If you really want to upgrade, you can go with the Corsair K70 or K95 that comes with the metal body, mechanical keys and a whole bunch of great features.

Case 2:

If you don’t have any of these yet. I’d highly recommend you to go with the K40 simply because of the RGB lighting. That’s a huge, huge advantage over the K30.

Case 3:

If you are okay with the regular single light and don’t want to spend extra money just on the RGB lighting hands down, go with the K30. Save money and buy something else from that money. 😛

Final Verdict:

I hope you liked this comparison article between the Corsair K30 vs K40 do let me know in the comments down below by sharing your feedback. Also, if you feel that I have missed out on something in this comparison between the K40 vs K30, please do let me know in the comment section and I’ll cover that part for you guys.

Thanks for taking the time and reading the article you’re awesome.

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