How to Download Instagram Videos for Free?

Do you think downloading Instagram videos is an easy task? Then you are absolutely right. And do you know who made this daunting task easier? Platforms like! Cheers and thanks to the creators of this platform.

Instagram, a platform that allows you to share your pictures, videos, audio messages and more facilities such as video calling and chatting. When launched, it was just a platform where people were posting pictures but as time passed, its creators found out many amazing features such as nametag, highlights and more and now millions of people are using it on the regular basis.

Some business owners even use this platform for business deals, and promotions and today, we are going to share with you a short tutorial on how to download Instagram videos.

This tutorial will guide you about how to download Instagram videos using, so before we discuss the downloading procedure, it is important to go through a short introduction about

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What is is an Instagram video downloader tool that permits you to download Instagram videos in different formats. You must be wondering that how to use this tool right? Don’t worry, to know the entire process, scroll below and you will find each and every step that you need to follow in order to download Instagram videos using this amazing tool.

How to Download Instagram Videos Using (Using Browser)

Follow the steps as shown below:

1. Use your login credentials and open your Instagram account in your browser.

2. Once you are in, go to the video that you want to download on your desktop or laptop.

3. Now as you can see in the above image, you can see videos posted by 5 minutes crafts. Now, click on that video and the moment you will click on it, the video will get opened.

4. The URL that you can see in the red box needs to be copied. When you copy it, open and paste the link in the URL bar. After pasting the URL, click on the golden arrow available just next to the place where you pasted the link.

5. Click on the download button and save your favourite video on your Laptop’s or desktop’s hard disk! You can even share that video on your social media handles if you want to!

Now, after mentioning the steps of how to download Instagram videos using browser, we will now see how to follow the same procedure using a smartphone.

Note: The below screenshots are taken from an IOS device, but the steps are same in android device as well.

1. Open your Instagram account and find go to the video that you want to download and click on the “3” horizontal dots available at the top of the video.

2. From the options given, choose “COPY LINK”.

3. Open your browser and in the URL bar, type and paste the URL there.

4. After pasting the URL, click on the golden arrow button. You will be then redirected to the screen from where you can directly download the video. You just need to click on “download” button.

And the process ends here!

Wrapping Up!

We hope that you were able to understand the tutorial easily and you have no queries. If you still have any queries or if you are finding difficulties in downloading the video, then you can just simply click on “contact us” button and the downvid team will be there to solve your issue.

So, what are you waiting for now? Download your favourite videos and enjoy watching it. Life is short so don’t get serious and capture every moment.

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