How to Track Mobile Phone With The Help Of Phone Tracker

Before getting into the discussion you should know that every cell phone can be traced. Either prepaid or post-paid, you can track someone whom you doubt. There are several ways to track the cell phone and one common way is with the help of spy apps or GPS tracking. People download tracking apps for several purposes. Worried parents want to know about children’s location, working parents want to track maid’s activity and suspicious spouse track their partner to remove their doubt. Just point out your purpose and start tracking accordingly.

GPS Tracker Google Earth

The best way to track anyone’s location is Google Earth on the mapping site. Phone tracker GPS facility can help parents to find out their child’s location when they are out of the house. By adding your children’s present location, it will give you results till a few miles. You can connect GPS services from one phone to another. Parents keep a check on the school bus when their children travel from home to school. You can see the picturesque presentation of your destined vehicle. You can catch the others location till the place you located at the destination. It’s easy to zoom in and out of the picture and watch the surrounding views clearly.

Spy Apps Are Network Integrated

Spy apps are network operated, you can’t catch one’s activities until you download specific software on the mobile you want to track. Some of these apps such as TheOneSpy are not free, you have to buy them on monthly basis. The working of these apps are network operated. You have to install the app on the mobile you want to spy. You have to take help of hosting agents, you can’t reach the mobile until you connect them to network. If the person knows there is an app installed on their phone they might get alert. Without wireless networking, you can’t reach to someone’s calls and messages. The phone you want to track installed with specific software will be connected to the server. When the owner of the phone receive any call or message of anyone you can see their activities on the website of that installed software.

GSM Mobile Tracking

It is also wireless mobile tracking technology, you have to register the targeted mobile on a website. Once you locate present location you can track their on-time location anytime, no matter how far they are from home. Phone tracker is a valuable achievement when your dear one uses for your welfare. It might convert into the curse when someone misuses technological innovations. This technology works through GSM localization, the two wireless network connected to each other. You can get information of someone’s location till the estimated distance. Very far located mobiles from basic antenna can’t be tracked by this service. In urban areas, you get poor signals so this technology works till 50 meters only.

Pre-installed Mobile Tracking Features

Latest models are equipped with the inbuilt mobile tracking system. In case your mobile is stolen or you forget anywhere, you can catch the present location of your device. Under this feature, a mobile phone has inbuilt settings which you have to set on active mode. As soon as a thief will try to remove SIM and put new SIM the seller will receive information on the server. You can catch the thief and get back your lost device.

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