Kissanime: Everything You need to Know. Is it 100% legal?

Kissanime: Everything You need to Know. Is it 100% legal?

If you are an anime lover, or if you are not, you surely might know this popular website named Kissanime that offers some really amazing Anime shows, movies and series that are hardly resistible for anybody.

If you ask someone for the best anime series and movies, the answer you get will not vary anywhere around the world. This website offers exactly what the audience looks for, a complete package of all sorts of emotions.

To not forget to mention, Kissanime is free to use, a safe, huge collection of anime shows and really useful website to stream. You can also download over this site to watch shows without any interruptions or buffering issues.

In the article, here, we have made an effort to answer all the questions that normally people get while using Kissanime. Due to rumors and the way it works, a lot of doubts have been placed over its safe and legal status. But not to worry as we have answered all your questions below-

Is Kissanime 100% Legal?

As for Anime lovers, Kissanime is the best website there could exist. And hence it makes to the most used websites all around the globe as well. But many users still question and most are confused about whether this site is even legal or legit.

The answer to all these questions is NO. Kissanime is not a legal website. The reason for this is that the website uses the content shown on it that was not officially provided. But hey! Wait. Read below-

This does not mean that if you are watching anything on this website that will get you arrested or something. This site is similar to other streaming sites. And the streamer (provider) is the culprit to show content illegally and not the audience.

Even if this site is not legal, and in fact, one of the biggest illegal websites out there, downloading, watching, streaming on this website will not make you the accused. This site surely does offer to be a great source for anime. And I doubt if an anime lover can really stay out from this.

Is Kissanime Safe?

This article is here to reveal all the truth for the audience out there. Rumors and actually news is circulating that Kissanime is not safe to use website. This site contains some sort of virus that will damage your device you are using the site on- PC or Mobile.

However, through reliable feedbacks, it has been stated by the user of Kissanime themselves that this website does not do any bad to their devices nor does it contain any malware or virus that news has been showing.

The official website of Kissanime has no malware to damage your devices and is completely safe to use on any device. Hence, there is nothing about the safety that you should be worrying now and you can blindly go and stream over the website.

Advantages of Kissanime

As you know by now, Kiss anime is a very popular and loved website while speaking of Anime lovers. What else would an anime lover want than easy access to all famous anime shows? And as the icing on the cake, all of that for free of cost!

Another bomb on the way- every anime show and movie with excellent HD Quality. The quality of shows on Kissanime ranges from 240p to 1080p. On this website, you will find amazing subtitles in English. You get various genres to choose from Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Sport, Romance, etc. and up to Z. Also, there are new uploads almost every day to keep up with the updated world.

If you look for any other website of anime movies and shows, you will have to pay huge amounts to watch such shows. But when you use Kissanime for watching anime shows and movies, you will not have to pay a single penny for it. Thus, this website serves as an amazing option as an alternative to premium sites of anime.

You can use this site on your PC or also use its mobile website. Besides all of the above great features, you also have a large number of shows and movies to keep up with unlimited entertainment.

If you too are an anime lover then I must say this is the exact place you should be at. This article will make everything about KissAnime more clear to you so that you can make your decision.

How to Use and Download Animes?

Now that you know the most about Kissanime, let me get you acquainted with the little remaining. Although many are attracted to this website, not all know how they can use this site and download animes. Here is how you can use it-

  1. You can choose from the genres/ categories the anime you want to see. If you are a romance lover then you can check the genre for the best series and shows over romance.
  2. Then you got to click on the title of whatever series or movie or shows you want to watch.
  3. Then you will be shown a list of episodes that you will have to choose from.
  4. Click on the episode you want to watch. You will then see a streaming player. But it is not the goal yet.
  5. Below that, after scrolling down, you will come across a Download button/ mobile option. Click on it.
  6. Choose the dimensions and quality you want and then select the location where you want to save the anime download.

Once you are finished with the download process, your download will be completed. Then you can sit back, relax and watch your favorite anime with no interruptions or buffering.

Is it necessary to Sign Up or Create Account on Kissanime?

As many of you know by now that Kissanime is an illegal website although that does not make you the arrested, you might think if it is necessary to Sign Up or Create an Account on Kissanime. The question is pretty reasonable.

NO. There is no need to Sign Up or Create Account on Kissanime. You can watch anime videos without even creating an account. Signing Up, on the other hand, does offer you something. You can create lists of the series that you watched or are willing to watch sometime later. So everything could be in order if you have an account here. You can also comment on videos and even join discussions after having an account. Other best part, you can receive timely notifications of the anime videos on your Email after Signing up.

So you know now what and only good is what creating an account on Kissanime would do to you. However, the choice is at last yours. Some people also do not find it comforting about receiving frequent notifications.

Word of Advice

A big piece of advice I would want to give Anime lovers and Kissanime users is that you ought to be very careful while using Kissanime. Not because the site is illegal or any malware, that I have cleared by now, but because there are many Kissanime mirror sites.

These sites are all not trustworthy and we do not know if they are virus-free. Although these mirror sites act as an alternative to Kissanime, they are basically fake. The virus from such sites is enough to destroy your device completely.

There are many mirror websites of Kissanime that you might find legal anime streaming sites. Many hackers even create such websites. So beware of such malware stuffed sites and keep yourself away from them.

Final Words

Many anime lovers often write to us asking if Kissanime is safe, is Kissanime legal, Is Kissanime site closed, why won’t Kissanime work. I hope the article here helped us answer all of your questions.

In case you are still curious about any question regarding kissanime, feel free to write to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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