Logitech G19 vs G19s: Are They Even WORTH BUYING?

Investing in a good gaming keyboard is quite similar to that of getting a good steering wheel for your car. No matter how good you are at gaming, you can only do well in your games if you have a worthy keyboard that takes in your commands and executes them flawlessly during the game.

Same way, we receive a lot of questions about Logitech G19 vs G19s on choosing which one is the best to pick. Well, after conducting a research, we came out with the opinion that Logitech G19 and G19s are quite similar to each other apart from a few differences in their external looks.

There aren’t many differences in the Logitech G19s keyboard compared to the original G19 keyboard. The color scheme of the Logitech G19s is a bit more modern, and the surface around the arrow keys is slightly rounded and glossy and the keys come in a light grey hue. Besides, the surface around the keys has got a brighter blue color, though the stock photos on the web apparently seem much brighter.

Both the keyboards have the wrist support of similar sizes and shapes. Other than just a few of these dissimilarities, both of them are absolutely identical.

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Logitech G19 vs G19s: A Full Comparison

Here, we have drawn out a comparison of the Logitech G19 vs G19s based on their specs, features, and performance. For all the detailed insight of both the product I suggest you read the article till the end.

Logitech G19 vs G19s

There is not much significant difference between the Logitech G19 and the G19s keyboards. Both of them belong to the group of non-mechanical membrane keyboards with the same keys and layouts, pretty similar to each other. Both the keyboards are cool if you want them for gaming and the integrated display allows you to perform multiple tasks without having to cause any disruption while playing games.

Certainly, the Logitech G19 would give you the best feel of dealing with a non-mechanical keyboard, featured with monitoring temperature and adjustable color backlighting. It’s just that the new G19s has got more color options. However, it is a rip off since the price of the Logitech G19s is too high with the same specs as of Logitech G19

Keyboard Look And Feel – Logitech G19s vs G19

Considering that you put both the two models side by side, you would be able to see that they are absolutely of the same size. Both of them have got identical overall shapes and curves. The same thing goes for the weight as well. So, a critic would not find much to consider in terms of dimensions – they are similar in this aspect.

As mentioned above, there is just an aesthetic difference between the two. The housing of Logitech G19S comes in a glossy dark blue color. On the other hand, the old Logitech G19 is available in a plain and a traditional look. It is essential to note that the color of the Logitech G19s is comparatively darker than that of the former G19.

Performance and Features

Both the keyboards comprise of a Color Game Panel LCD; a tilted screen for instant access to in-game stats, system data, and video playback. It also displays VOIP communication, image slideshows, and more such stats without interrupting the gameplay.

Logitech G19s comes with a Custom-color RGB backlighting. It assigns a unique color to each profile and its mode style, so as to enable easily locating of any key in the dark.

Logitech G19, on the other hand, has a user-selectable character backlighting color that allows the gamers to personalize the keyboard. You can make changes in a way that better fits with the rest of your computer or even the gaming equipment.


The font used on the keys of Logitech G19s is quite more stylish and modern than that of the conventional font used on Logitech G19. Logitech G19s comprises of dark grey colored gaming keys, thus enabling the gamers to identify them from the rest of the keys on the keyboard. This is purposefully introduced with the idea of re-emphasizing the use of it as a gaming keyboard.

Logitech G19s and G19 both have 12 Programmable G-keys, configured up to 36 unique functions per game that include single key presses and complex macros. The G19s has got an additional function to intricate LUA scripts (Requires software installation).

Wrist rest

Both Logitech G19 and G19s come with wrist rest of the same shape and size. However, the coatings do differ. The coating on the modern G19s is coarser and apparently more premium than the old G19.

Multi-key input

If you are looking forward to fetching an uninterrupted gameplay while having all your tasks settled at the same time, definitely these keyboards are the one for you!

Logitech G19 Multi-key input lets a gamer to use up to five keys at once in order to perform any kind of multiple complex actions while Logitech G19s allows you to press up to six keys at once making it a winner in this category.

Keyboard Connectivity and Cable

Both Logitech G19 and Logitech G19s have two high-speed powered USB 2.0 ports that ensure easy transfer of data to or from peripherals such as MP3 Players or flash drives as well as connecting to other battery-powered devices

Logitech G19 vs G19s – Which one is better?

Well, now that you are aware of the differences in specs of either of the two keyboards, making a choice between the Logitech G19 and G19s might be a little easier for you. Definitely, G19 is the one to go with if you are seeking for a cost-effective route with a greater performance and specs.

However, if you are more attracted towards the retextured wrist rest, improved design and alluring outlook, Logitech G19s might be your pick. Either way, both of them are similar in functionality and have got the same set of specifications, all that’s needed for a gaming keyboard to please its boss!

Final Words:

There is nothing wrong with both the mouse it also depends on your requirements. However, in this comparison between the Logitech G19 vs G19s, we tried to be as detailed as possible so that you can craft your decision accordingly. Let me know in the comments section what you think and also do let me know if I missed out of any aspects to cover.

I’d be happy to help you out. Thanks for taking the time and reading the article.

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