Logitech G502 vs G500s: The Battle of the Best Gaming Mouse

Who all are gaming addicts out there and are looking for a gaming mouse that fulfills all their gaming requirements?

Investing in a good gaming mouse is as essential as buying a good keyboard as this accessory can literally change your whole game. When it comes to a great gaming mouse, a company like Logitech is a tough name to beat. The G502 model was an upgrade from the G500s mouse and many people are now confused between G502 vs G500s as their prices difference is huge. We have compiled a detailed article comparing each of the features of these two mouse models to help you make an informed decision:

Detailed Comparison: Logitech G502 vs G500s

Both the models are very different in terms of design and features so it can be a personal choice but the G502 has many customizable buttons which can alter the gaming experience. Here is a detailed comparison of the two models for you to consider while making your decision:

Product Description

The G502 model comes in two styles which are named “regular” & “hero”. We will be discussing the features of the regular model here since it is more popular and affordable as well. Fitted with Logitech’s most advanced optical sensor, the G502 model offers great precision when it comes to transferring your hand movements on to the screen. It comes with 11 programmable buttons and a fast scroll wheel that can be adjusted to improve accuracy. With customizable lighting and easy to program software by Logitech, this mouse gives you a range of 200 – 12000 DPI which can be shifted on the fly.

When it comes to G500s, the whole design is simpler in all terms. The mouse has adjustable weight tuning like the 502 model and comes with 10 programmable buttons instead of 11. It offers a DPI range of up to 8200 DPI and has a dual-mode scroll wheel which shifts from click-to-click to scrolling instantly. You can also store your game settings in the mouse if you are playing at different locations. An adjustable weight cartridge is also included with the mouse in addition to the user manual, mouse, and tuning weights which are included with the G502 model as well.


Logitech G502 mouse has the dimensions of 1.6 x 3 x 5.2 inches while the G500s model is of 5.5 x 3.7 x 8.3 inches.

In terms of weight, the G502 mouse weighs approximately 121 grams (4.3 oz) while the G500s model weighs around 170 grams (6 oz). This makes the 500s model slightly heavier than the G502 model.

Design & Style

When it comes to looks, the G502 model definitely looks more sophisticated as compared to the 500s model. Both models have a comfortable shape for long gaming sessions. The 500s model has a hydrophobic coating on the palm area to avoid slippage and comes with fingerprint resistant coating on the main buttons. It also has dry-grip sides for added precision and control.

The 502 model also comes with a textured rubber grip but it can be a bit uncomfortable to hold for people who prefer a smoother design.

Technical Specifications

The system requirements of the G502 model include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 along with a USB port and internet connection while the G500s model works with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 only. The G502 model also supports MAC OS 10 and above.

In terms of gaming specifications, let us first talk about tracking. The 502 model offers a resolution of up to 12000 DPI while the 500s model offers only up to 8200 DPI. The max acceleration offered by G502 model is more than 40G while the 500s model offers 30G. If you talk about speed, again the G502 mouse is far ahead as compared to 500S.

The G502 model comes with a cable of length 2.10 meters while the G500s model comes with a cable of 2 meters. Optional extra weights of 27 grams and 18 grams are included with the 500s and 502 models respectively.


The main notable features of the two models can be summarized as:

Comes with adjustable weight tuning system Comes with adjustable weight tuning system
Is fitted with an advanced optical sensor Is fitted with a laser sensor
11 programmable buttons 10 programmable buttons
Fitted with buttons of 20 million clicks durability Fitted with buttons of 20 million clicks durability
Supports 3 profiles for onboard memory Supports 1 profile for onboard memory
Comes with a DPI range of 200-12000 DPI Comes with a DPI range of 200-8200 DPI


If you talk about performance, the G502 model definitely offers more customizable options as compared to the G500s mouse and is also easier to use. It has a streamlined shape and does not emit as much noise as the 500s model. It also supports more number of profiles for onboard memory and has many customizable features which give it an edge over the G500s mouse. Even in terms of dimensions, the G502 mouse weighs lesser and supports more platforms than the 500s.

Logitech G502 vs G500s – Which One Is Better?

If you want a gaming mouse that supports single profile and offers enough customizable for regular gamers, the G500s model is considered good enough for such requirements but if you want a mouse that goes above and beyond the regular features, the G502 model is the one you should go for.

Final Verdict:

In our opinion, the Logitech G502 gaming mouse is far superior as compared to the G500s model and comes at a great price too. In case you want to go for an advanced model, you can also select the Hero version instead of the regular version to get even better features.

We hope this detailed comparison of Logitech G502 vs G500s will help you make up your mind if you are planning to upgrade your gaming equipment. Did we miss out on something important? Let us know in the comments below.

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