Logitech G510 vs G510s: [Two Beasts Compared Edge-To-Edge]

For all gamers out here, one of the most essential parts of your gaming is certainly none other than a good gaming keyboard. It is believed that one who has a good keyboard has definitely got the game in his hand!

Logitech gaming keyboards have been in the trend over a good deal of time, of course, the improved functionality and upgraded performance have made the brand rise higher.

Also, the affordable price of Logitech keyboards has raised the demand. Logitech G510 and G510s have become the common names in the market, particularly among the gamers.

With the Logitech G510 keyboard doing so well in the market, Logitech finally decided to come up with an improved version of that same keyboard, but this time, with a little more refreshment added to it. Both the keyboards are absolutely stunning in their outlooks and do not break even if you punch it hard.

In that case, if you are worrying about which particular gaming keyboard to choose out of the two, Logitech G510s or its predecessor, make sure that you read this article till the end since I am going to mention all the key features of both the sets here, mostly from my personal experience while the others, considering the customer reviews as well!

Detailed comparison: Logitech G510 vs G510s

Since both the keyboards are quite similar to one another, it is truly difficult for a user to detect the minimal changes made to the elder brother of G510. Logitech G510s is just the upgraded version of Logitech G510. Thus, it is quite confusing to settle for any of the two! Keep reading till the end of this article to know about the features and performance of both!


There are a lot of features that are similar in both the Logitech G510 and G510s. G510 offers the GamePanel LCD that is meant to allow the access in-game stats to the users, VoIP data media player information and more. It also comes with the custom-color backlighting that will personalize backlighting in many varieties of colors to match the rest of your gear, as well as assists you to locate the keys in the darkness.


There are some shifts in keys in the left and right between the Logitech G510 and Logitech G510S. Some noticeable upgrade made to the Logitech G510S is the audio ports, multi-key input, along with the custom color which is meant to offer an even more unique color. Logitech has made just a few minor changes in the Logitech G510S keyboard and performance wise, it is expected to be absolutely same to that of its older version Logitech G510 since it was already a popular product with an amazing performance and a really good demand in the market.

Design and look 

Logitech G510 and G510s both have a silver and black accent along with a general layout. However, upon closer inspection, it is found that there are slight differences in the latest version of this keyboard, just a few cosmetic changes.

Keys Specification

Logitech G510s comes with 18 Programmable G-keys that are meant to simplify actions. This keyboard set has got a configuration up to 54 unique functions per game, thus, including single key presses, complex macros along with intricate LUA scripts. However, the keyboard requires software installation for improved functionality.

In Logitech G510, the left side of the keyboard comprises of the full bank of 18 macro keys and is complete with the three different modes along with a total of 54 macros.

Aren’t the two models pretty similar?

Accessories & Functionality

Logitech G510 consists of separate headphone, and microphone jacks along with mute buttons. It uses an analog headset with 3.5mm plugs. It has also got a full-speed USB; that is, 500Hz report rate.

Logitech G510 keyboard functions at a 4 x faster rate than the other gaming keyboards. It features multi-key input, and use 5 keys at once to perform multiple actions during the gameplay. It also comes with a 1-touch control. It is compatible with both Mac and PC.

On the other hand, Logitech G510s comes with a 3.5mm audio port, thus, enabling you to quickly plug in your headset. Besides, it comes with an independent control game audio output along with a headset microphone. It even features multi-key input, thus, allowing you to press up to six keys at once so as to help you perform multiple complex moves at ease without any kind of interference or ghosting.

Logitech G510 vs G510s – Which One Among the Two Is Better?

Both Logitech G510 and Logitech G510s are pretty much similar, other than just a few differences. So if you already have Logitech G510 with you, you do not need to go for Logitech G510s. Just for a handful of additional features, you do not need to purchase the same thing once again.

However, if you haven’t got any of them, then I will better suggest you to go with Logitech G510s as the upgraded model has got several improvements, so why not go for the latest deal when you are already set for the investment.

Final Verdict:

That’s it, guys. Those were the points we noticed and thought of sharing with you guys. If you liked this comparison article between the Logitech G510 vs G510s don’t forget to leave a comment down below and let us know.

Until we next time Peace.

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