Logitech G600 vs G502: Who Is The Winner In The Battle?

These days, most of the games that we usually find on the internet are multiplayer games, commonly known as MMO. If you are trying to be a successful gamer, having a good mouse is something very imperative.

A mouse controls your overall gameplay and if you have a good mouse, it is certainly you who wins the game! The combination of utility, design, and functionality of Logitech mice is definitely something that can’t be beaten.

However, it becomes too difficult to make a choice among two high-end mice in hand. In such a case, it is usually important to fetch a proper knowledge about the two to decide which of them actually fits your requirement. Currently, the two Logitech mice being debated around in the market, are Logitech g600 Vs g502. Even I was stuck to pick up the best deal from the two!

After a good amount of research and considering the user reviews, I was still unable to decide between the split. Thus, I made up my find to purchase both of them so as to unfold the performance secrets of either of the mice. Read on till the end to know more!

Detailed comparison: Logitech G600 vs G502

Generally, the Logitech G600 is designed in particular for multiplayer online gamers with its 20 programmable buttons, while, on the other hand, the Logitech G502 is unique in its tunable weight as well as center-of-gravity.


Logitech g600 has a resolution of 200 -. 8200 dots per inch (DPI), maximum acceleration of 30G and maximum speed up to 160 inches per second (IPS).  On the other hand, Logitech g502 has s resolution of 200 – 12,000 DPI, maximum acceleration to be >40G and maximum speed to be 300 IPS.


Logitech G600 had got a USB data format of 16 bits/axis and the USB data rate of 1000 Hz. Logitech G502 has also got these similar.

Button durability

Logitech G600 allows left/right/third button moves with 20 million clicks while Logitech G502 allows only left/right button moves with 20 million clicks.


Logitech g600 mouse has got a weight of 4.7 oz or 133 grams while the Logitech g502 mouse has got a weight of 4.3 oz or 122 grams. The former cord weighs 1.5 oz or 42.5 grams while the latter weighs 1.8 oz or 51 grams.

Thus, the total weight of Logitech g600 (inclusive of mouse and cord) is 176 grams while the total weight of Logitech g502 (inclusive of mouse and cord) is 173 grams. Hence, if you are looking for a lighter mouse, you may go for the Logitech g502, though there is just a slight difference between the two!


Logitech G600 consists of 20 programmable buttons in total, and there are 12 buttons present on the thumb panel. On the other hand, Logitech g502 comes with a tunable weight and balance, this having 11 programmable buttons in total.

Tracking sensor

Logitech g600 comprises of a ‘gaming grade’ a laser illuminated optical tracking sensor while Logitech g502 has got a Pixart PMW3366 optical sensor.

Scrolling wheel

Logitech G600 has a plastic and a clicky scrolling wheel while Logitech g502 metal, dual mode clicky, and a free spinning scrolling wheel.

The difference doesn’t just end over here. This is because, Logitech G600 has got a fairly standard scroll wheel; with an elastomer molded over hard plastic.

In contrast, the Logitech G502 has got a much fancier wheel. The outside of the wheel is made of plated high-quality metal. The center is, however, made of the same plastic as the G600 one.


Both the G600 as well as the Logitech g502 mice are wired. Each of their cables are meant to transmit data faster and more reliably than that of the wireless varieties, commonly available these days.

On opening the mice, the two have quite different strain relief boots. Well, strain relief boots are designed to protect the cable and its connector against any sort of constant dynamic stress. The issue most commonly caused by hardcore gaming. Yeah, you guessed it right!

G600 has got quite a thin and tiny strain relief boot. One can describe it as a “minimalistic” one. On the other hand, the strain relief boot of Logitech G502 is quite a bit beefier. A slightly wider braiding and the thicker cable contributes to the greater weight of the Logitech G502’s cable.

Logitech G600 vs G502 – Which One of Them Is Better?

Usually, the preferences vary according to the user. What I may find suitable might not be the same in your opinion. Other than that, I would say that if you are looking for a simpler deal, Logitech g600 is the one for you, also if you are looking for a heavier mouse and your purpose is particularly MMO games, then you must go with Logitech g600.

On the contrast, if you are totally fine with the one with more components and features, you may undoubtedly go with Logitech g502 though on tearing apart, it is assembled with a larger number of components. Also, it is lighter and customer reviews say, that it has got one of the best sensors. Hope this information helps you to pick up the one for you!

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