Logitech G602 vs G603: The FINAL Battle. Who WINS?

When it comes to gaming, a proper gaming mouse is must for a flawless and an immersive experience. Choosing a wireless mouse for gaming has always been a tough choice and you either end up buying the one that likely performs as good as a typical wired gaming mouse or you mess up with a mediocre offering that lacks a gamer’s taste.

Logitech is one of the most preferable brands for gaming and computer accessories, following the same, the Logitech G602 and the G603 are two of the best wireless gaming mouse by the company. In this article, we will be comparing the Logitech G602 vs G603 on the basis of their specifications, features, price, and differences. So if you’re in confusion about which one to buy this article will surely help.

It will also help you decide whether to save money and get the G602 or if G603 actually is worth the extra money.

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Let’s get into the Logitech G602 vs G603 battle.

Logitech G602 vs G603

The first major difference between both the mice is that the G602 was launched in 2013 while the G603 came later in mid-2017, meaning that the G603 uses newer and advanced tech than its competitor.

Design And Feel

The Logitech G602 and G603 are not similar in terms of design by any means. The G602 has a larger form factor and comes with a traditional gaming design with more complexity in it, while the G603 is a rather simple looking and more compact mouse to hold. Also, G602 has the slip-resistant body for better grip and sweat resistance.

The G602 has a curved cavity to the left for resting thumb below the button controls, on the other hand, the G603 relies on a slight concave curve for the same. The buttons on the 602 are slightly more pronounced and differentiable, while the 603 has a simple yet easily accessible button placement.

Logitech g603

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The G603 weighs approximately 112 grams with the batteries in, whereas the G602 weighs more than 150 grams, making it uncomfortable for long-term use. In a word, the G602 is designed for ease of control while the G603 focuses more on the uncomplicated and compact profile.

Performance & Features

Both the Logitech G602 and G603 are wireless mouses that can house two removable non-chargeable AA batteries.

The G602 comes with a response rate of 2 ms and polling rate of 500 Hz. Moreover, the mouse has a sensitivity ranging from 250 to 2500 DPI which is enough for fast-paced gaming as well as slow tasks like browsing the web. Additionally, it is equipped with performance and endurance modes to choose between responsiveness and battery life.

The G603, on the other hand, uses the Next-gen HERO optical sensor for better performance and power efficiency delivering 500 hours of non-stop gaming compared to 250 hours on the G602. One can achieve a sensitivity ranging from 200 to a whopping 12000 DPI on the G603 mouse. You can either use this mouse with multiple devices using the light-speed or Bluetooth option and easily switch between them using the button for the same. It has a better response rate of 1 ms aided by a higher polling rate of 1000 ms compared to the G602 which can be lowered down to 2 ms and 500 Hz for saving battery.

While the G602 relies on USB dongle for connection, the G603 packs Bluetooth feature as well, broadening its compatibility to Android and iOS in addition to PC and Mac. Also, using the endurance mode on aforementioned reduces the response accuracy and sensitivity as it has the same potential of the G603 in endurance mode, making it go even lower to save power.

Summing up, the G603 has a better sensitivity, responsive rate and twice the battery life of the other, making it a more ideal choice for expeditious gaming on PC.


The Logitech G602 has 11 programmable buttons while the G603 bears 6 of them with a modest difference in placement. The G602 carries all the customizable 6 buttons including back, forward, DPI up & down at its left in addition to the typical buttons. Nonetheless, the G603 has only 2 buttons to the left with the light-speed / Bluetooth toggle and an LED indicator at the bottom. You can use Logitech software to customize the functionality of buttons.

DPI Range

The DPI Range defines the sensitivity of the mouse, higher the DPI, more the sensitivity of the mouse. Meaning, you need to move the mouse less from one point to another, this is most useful in brisk FPS games. As discussed above, the Logitech G602 has a DPI range of 250 to 2,500 DPI while the G603 with Next-gen HERO optical sensor simply outperforms it with a wider DPI range, from as low as 200 DPI to up to 12,000 DPI which is almost 5 times of the erstwhile.

Logitech G603 vs G602: Which One is Better?

The Logitech G602 costs less compared to the price of G603. Feature wise, G602 has more customization and an ergonomic design that is more suitable for gaming but in practical use, the G603 has better and advanced sensor, 2x battery life, better sensitivity and a more compact and lightweight design.

Logitech G602 vs G603

In all, it boils down to your personal preference whether you prefer design over specifications and battery life. If you don’t play much fast-paced games and are ready to compromise on changing batteries a little more frequent than the other, then you should go with the G602 as you’ll save some money on it.

However, the Logitech G603 wins here and is overall better than its sibling. In accordance with the above comparison, our recommendation between the Logitech G602 vs G603 will be the Logitech G603 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse. 

Let us know what is your favorite wireless gaming mouse for PC out of Logitech G602 vs G603 in the comments below.

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