Logitech G703 vs G903: An Edge-to-Edge Comparison

Gaming enthusiasts are always after chasing the best of the devices they use. This is what makes them hike over their competitors. However, when it comes to choosing the best mouse, things often get difficult since comparisons are drawn neck to neck. While some features are better for a particular model, the others aren’t that good in it.

The latest discussion in the gaming industry about choosing a mouse is to select between Logitech G703 with its bestie, Logitech G903. We are here to give you a detailed comparison of Logitech G703 vs G903. Logitech G703 may appear to be a little boring in comparison to the G903. However, the former is simply amazing when it comes to comfort, performance and user experience, things that ought to count!

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Read on to know about the features, specification and performance comparison of Logitech G703 and Logitech G903.

Logitech G703 vs G903 

Both of the products are among the company’s first mice that supports Powerplay accessory.

Logitech G703 takes gaming up a notch. All due to its comfortable usage and lightspeed wireless technology. It comes with an advanced button tensioning and ergonomic design, definitely a perfect match for an effortless gameplay.

On the other hand, the Logitech G903 is known as ambidextrous mice. It allows great customization in its side buttons, thus, enabling the user to choose between either the left or right-handed side buttons or both.

Look And Feel

Logitech G903 is basically is identical to the Logitech g900. However, with Omron switches, PowerPlay tech, and several other upgrades, it is a good-to-go-for mouse. Despite all of it, the shape appears to be a bit awkward and the weight seems to be quite heavy, particularly for the first-person shooters. Yet, if you are looking for a mouse to suit your purpose of browsing and video editing, infinite scroll this thing is the one you need!

On the other hand, the Logitech G703 is much like the Logitech G403. It’s just that G703 comes with the PowerPlay technology, which is missing in the G403. It weighs fairly lighter for a wireless mouse and comes with a good shape, similar to the G403. It comprises of great buttons and is definitely one of the most recommended deals among the users.

Performance and Features

The G703 is more like a generic PC mouse. It has got a mid-profile curve slope upwards towards the left, made for a right handed grip.

However, Logitech G903 is designed for lefties too. It takes a kitchen-sink like outlook with a responsive design.

Both the models are designed in a way to make sure that the devices remain secure even during heated gaming sessions.


In Logitech G703, the main left and right buttons have a nice audible click with a quick return. It is specifically designed to ensure plenty of fast clicking without any trouble. Just like the Logitech G903, it uses the same Omron switches, which has been rated for 50 million clicks. There is a micro-USB charge port around the front and it has the same custom shape as that of the G903.

The Logitech G903, on the other hand, has got no shortage of buttons, there are total 11 buttons, which includes a mouse 1, mouse 2, scroll wheel (includes both the left and right horizontal scrolling), a scroll wheel switcher (not programmable), the DPI up, DPI down and other four side buttons (two on each side). Though the buttons are solid, they may get accidentally lifted up when you play with sweaty hands.

DPI range

Logitech G703 comprises of wireless connectivity with optical movement detection technology. The movement resolution is 12000 DPI and its real-time sensitivity switching ranges from 200 to 12000 DPI, upto 400 inches per second.

Surprisingly, the Logitech G903 also comprises of the same DPI range.

Scrolling wheel

Logitech G703 comes with a rubbery mouse wheel & coating, made in a way that it would not audibly click as you keep scrolling. The wheel does not wobble at all and the click action is quite firm and fine. There’s single DPI switch button located just below the wheel.

Logitech G903, on the other hand, comprises a silent but tactile scroll wheel. However, I see a lot of people complaining about the sensitivity of the scroll wheel. One of the popular features is you can toggle the scroll wheel between a notch style scroll wheel and a free scroll. Definitely, the free scroll is a great feature if you have to work outside of gaming and look for some sort of browsing tasks.

Weight Tuning and Weight Adjustments

The Logitech G903 comes with a tuning weight which you can choose to install for personalizing the mass and feel of the mouse. On the other hand, the Logitech G703 lightspeed wireless gaming mouse weighs around 107 grams.

Connectivity and Cable

Logitech G703 comes with a wireless connectivity and a 6 feet cable and a USB cable. Logitech G903, however, comes with a data cable or USB charging with an optional receiver extension adapter.

Logitech G703 vs G903 – Which is better?

Technology wise, both of these models are of the same level. All that matters is the comfort in using, and definitely, I choose Logitech g703 for its ease of use. However, if you are left-handed, you may go for Logitech G903. Period.

The LED patterning on the Logitech G703 comprises a lit scroll wheel. The Logitech G903, on the other hand, facilitates ambidexterity.

Logitech G703 is a budget-friendly mouse, while the Logitech G903 seems to be a bit more expensive. Both of them, however, are quite similar in terms of specifications, with the same sensor and wireless compatibility.

Logitech G703, is thus, according to me, the best deal at such a low price while Logitech g903 is a bit more expensive until you are an ambidextrous and okay with spending some extra money on a gaming mice.

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