Most popular free advertising channels

Most popular free advertising channels

Big companies like P&G or Nestle are quite free platforms and channels for advertising. Expenses is a hot button for every company, but local businesses think about each cent more often than big ones. However, things can’t be all that bad, there are some ways to advertise that will cost if not for nothing, but it won’t be painful for any size of budget.

Implement tools for local search

The most famous one is Google My Business that shows the closest places near the user. It is really convenient that all places that don’t work any more, disappear very quickly from the map. In case you have good, but not excellent, feedbacks you win dues to location as people like convenience very much. Online advertising services are necessary tools for your online business try to boost your revenue

Write guests’ posts and fill it with a link to your website

The more popular the blog is, the bigger stable audience you get. Of course, really popular bloggers may want to have some money for such cooperation, but local communities of relevant areas may get interested. Adding link to a landing page will help to get in touch with you immediately, and it is also good for SEO.

Pay attention to Quora

Active users there get more than 20 000 of views per month. Here you can answer direct questions from your target audience, give them feeling of your nearness. Also, answering of other participants may give you an expert reputation, especially if it is in your field, what is also very important.

Don’t forget about LinkedIn

Nearly 50% of social media traffic comes to B2B websites from LinkedIn. As the network was designed for job searching, your profile should look presentably.

Attend related conferences and meetups

Obviously, you need to look for fans of classical music at relevant concerts. At the meetings you can bring your leaflets, make some speech – do whatever to make you recognisable and vivid. You will meet partners from the area as well as people who may be interested in you.

Prepare small souvenirs with your logo (continue topic of conferences)

If your company is too small, you can organize some small quiz with gifts marked with your company’s name: it can be a cup, a t-shirt or a pen. It would be also good to type your address there – it is important if your website is not on top positions, so the people could find you as quick as possible.

Hand-out testers of your goods or leaflets about you

Feel free to use offline space for promoting. Find public places where many people are gathered and offer your materials. You will work on brand awareness and if the testers are of high quality, they may apply to you to get more of your products and recommend family or friends and colleagues.

Create a video for YouTube

Nowadays people love videos, they are more positive about them rather than about the text with the same information. Be reasonable with effects, but the content is highly important: it should be useful and informative anyway. If you add some humour to it, for the video to become viral – then it is in the bag.

Tell about your business in email signature

If you send tons of emails daily, why not to make your signature work? It sounds more official and serious when your letter is signed “Tom Smith, CEO “Smith Medicine”” than simply with name and surname. Link to the main page of your website will simplify the process of reaching you.

As you can see – advertising is not always an expensive thing. Of course, you will have to invest for some cases, but you can try do it in small portions to find the most working method or to implement them all one by one.

By the way, what other free ideas of free or low cost advertising do you know?

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