Top Google Alternatives in 2018

Google is the master when it comes to App Store because most of the android devices come pre-installed with the same. But there are many other app stores available in the market where you can get a much better choice of applications in their categories. Let us now look at the best app store alternatives to the Play Store. You can also find other cool apps at

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Best Songs Downloader Apps for Android [2018]

Best Songs Downloader Apps for Android [2018]

Nowadays, Everything is available for the Smartphone. It requires a click to open anything or to get any kind of Information regarding any place, person. We have apps to book a hotel, to get a cab or to order food. Similarly, we have some decent applications for listening Songs and to download them for future use.

As usual, over the internet, we have hundreds of applications for downloading the songs but most of them are not healthy for our Android Smartphone. Maximum apps are designed to steal your internal data or to affect your smartphone adversely.

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What Is Akamai Netsession? Everything You Need To Know

If you use a Windows system, then you must have come across this name known as the Akamai Netsession. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can explore the programs that are installed on your computer, and you’ll see an Akamai Netsession interface program installed on your system.

But there are many questions related to Akamai that are revolving in the market right now.

Questions like: Is Akamai Netsession a malware? Is Akamai safe for my computer? And many of the Windows users don’t even know what exactly is this software about.

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