Razer Nostromo vs Tartarus: One LAST Fight!

When you are into intense gaming, definitely a good gaming keyboard is worth your deal. These gaming keyboards are basically designed to be ergonomic and functional. Not only that, they have just the default face buttons that you would see on a keyboard, but along with it, they also tend to have several additional utility buttons to boot. Until and unless you have actually tried out these gaming accessories, you will never know what these handy little gadgets do for you!

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Here, we have drawn out a comparison between the Razer Nostromo vs Tartarus based on their specs. Keep on reading to know about the features, performance comparison and specification about the two.

Razer Nostromo vs Tartarus: Comparison Details

Razer Nostromo is basically regarded as a niche based product to a lot of gamers; however, most of them usually seem to appreciate the cool design and intuitive outlook of the gadget.

Tartarus, on the other hand, is mostly preferred by gamers for the comfort that it brings along with. Certainly, it is not only a budget-friendly deal but at the same time, shows no compromise on its specs.

Keyboard Look And Feel – Razer Tartarus vs Nostromo

Razer Nostromo comes with an ergonomic design and intuitive controls that include 16-programmable buttons, 8-way thumb pad joystick and a scroll wheel. Besides, it comes with a blue LED backlight which is awesome.

On the flip side, Tartarus comes with 15 programmable keys at an affordable price. The black keys of the keyboard glow with a green backlight, thus letting the gamer continue even in the dark or in dim light. There are two additional thumb-buttons located on the right-hand side of the device along with an 8-position thumb-stick.

Performance and Features

When using a regular keyboard, gaming turns out to be a little difficult since we often face troubles in reaching out to the Alt and Shift keys. It is indeed important to appreciate the thoughtful design of Nostromo that enables gamers to try out several combinations during the gameplay.

It’s just that the thumb button is a bit too far, other than that, Nostromo is pretty much comfortable to play with and is definitely, a customizable alternative to the traditional keyboard. Despite a few faults, Nostromo is still a good choice to lift your game by a level upwards.

Tartarus comes with a comfortable design that provides wrist and palm support. It one of the best known dedicated keypad that would put gaming controls right at your fingertips. The software makes easy customization and simple profile switching. Besides, it has excellent thumb controls. Tartarus gives the same sort of features and control to a gamer when compared to its high priced competitors.

Thus, Tartarus is definitely an ideal pick for budget-friendly customers.


Razer Nostromo is of 2.3 by 7.2 by 6.3 inches (HWD) with three distinct parts: A molded wrist rest, a few thumb controls and a keypad that sets under the fingers.

Tartarus is made up of three distinct sections: a keypad, a thumb-control module, and a molded wrist-rest. Tartarus measures 2.2 by 6 by 7.3 inches (HWD), extending from 7.3 inches to 7.9 inches long along with a two-position wrist rest.


Nostromo has 16 buttons in total: 2 thumb buttons, 14 finger buttons, and index finger scroll wheel, along with an 8-way thumb joystick. Besides, the 8-way thumb joystick has a wide flat head that makes it more like a raised thumb pad.

Tartarus’ keypad has 15 programmable buttons with three rows of 5 keys each. They are placed directly under the fingertips, thus, making the keyboard controls as comfortable and accessible as that of a well-designed mouse. The center keys of the keyboard are set by default to the common WASD controls. However, you can reconfigure them to any keys or commands of your choice.

Palm rest

Razer Nostromo comes with a palm rest, however, it has got its own issues. Though it is very much adjustable, you can pull it off in a single direction, and it’s more like as if it would break in case you pull it at a wrong angle.

The combination of hand and wrist support of Tartarus with intuitive, dedicated controls makes it a perfect deal for gamers. You can customize the fit of your hand length by adjusting the palm rest according to your preferences.

Razer Nostromo vs Tartarus – Which one is better?

Razer Nostromo vs Tartarus

According to me, Tartarus is a better deal at a low price, yet, having all the comforts. It is an all-around balanced product with certain convenient extra functionality, and definitely, it is well suited for use with both action as well as with RPG games. However, while choosing the one for yourself, always keep your own needs in mind, and you shall never go wrong with whichever deal you pick!

Final Words:

That’s it for the comparison between the Razer Tartarus vs Nostromo. I hope this article helps you in making your final decision in purchasing the best product according to your needs. If you still have any doubts in any of the sections feel free to leave a comment down below and let me know.

Also, if I have missed out on any important information you can let me know that as well. Thanks for reading, Cheers!

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