SteelSeries Apex M400 vs M500: My Honest Answer

Are you planning to upgrade your old school membrane keyword with a new mechanical keyboard?

Many of Gadgetarmy readers were asking me the difference between the SteelSeries Apex M400 vs M500. It’s time I answer your question.

So without wasting any further time let’s get started. Shall we?

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SteelSeries Apex M400 vs M500 Full Comparison

Before I comment anything about both the keyboards, I want you guys to know that both the products are top-notch and there is not much of a difference in both of them. However, there a few differences which you should keep in mind while making your final purchase.


Both the M400 and M500 are very much identical in the design. They have a minimalistic design with a plastic body.

On the back, you get a cable routing system in both the keyboards. Thus, keeping your table clean from unnecessary wiring. Other than this there is not much to say about the design.

Keyboard Buttons

Well, here’s the main difference between both the products. The Apex M500 comes with Cherry MX Red switches (linear switch & quiet compared to other Cherry MX variants).

On the flip side, the Apex M400 has the QX1 Linear Mechanical gaming switch which is entirely different from the Cherry MX keys. They are loud and clacky giving you a real gamer like feel.

Both the keyboards are good for gaming and typing. You can also use it in your office as a daily driver. Moreover, all the hardcore gamers, don’t get disappointed they work equally well while playing games AAA games.


If you are a fan of light gaming keyboard, then the Apex M500 is the one for you. It is way too light compared to the Apex M400.

Okay, to be precise the M500 weighs 1.24 Kgs whereas, the M400 is 1.68 kgs.

There is no winner in this category. Instead, it depends entirely on what you like. If you love heavy and bulky keyboards, then the M400 should be your pick and if the opposite is true, go with the M500.


Regarding features, both the keyboards are similar and edge-to-edge. You get the SteelSeries Engine 3 software in both the models to tweak the settings. Furthermore, there is Macro Recording functionality to function your keys which honestly, isn’t exciting to me at all. I mean it’s an old-school technology.


Frankly, I’m not quite happy with the layout on this keyboards. Both the keyboards are way too simple in terms of design. You won’t get any additional Macro keys, no dedicated multimedia keys just a simple and good looking keyboard.

However, I can’t complaint much provided at the price point they are being offered.


Unfortunately, there is no RGB lighting support available in both the keyboards. Instead, you get a single blue light which looks decent enough and makes the keyboard look premium.

If you’re an RGB backlit lover, then this might not be the right investment for you. You can check some other mechanical keyboards available in the market.


The Apex M500, when compared with the M400, is priced almost doubled. Frankly, I don’t see any point of charging high for a keyboard that is almost identical to its predecessor.

Still, if you’re a big fan of light keyboard and Cherry MX keys, I’d recommend you the Apex M500.

Steelseries M500 vs M400 – Which One is Better?

No doubt the M400 has similar features and is offered at a very competitive price point when compared to the Apex M500.

So, if you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard and don’t have a huge budget to spend, then the M400 should your pick. However, if you want a lightweight keyboard and if you’re addicted to the Cherry MX keys go with the M500.

Overall both the products are fantastic and works great in day-to-day usage.


So guys that was my take on the difference between the SteelSeries Apex M400 vs M500. I have no complaints with any of the products except for the high price of the M500.

If this article helped you in making your final purchase decision, then don’t forget to leave a comment down below and let me know. Thanks for taking the time and reading the article.

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