Students Must Have These Gadgets

Students Must Have These Gadgets

This is the hard truth: School isn’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself with outdated tools around, especially if there are new gadgets and electronics out there.

To help you out, we listed some of the best ones that can make your academic life more comfortable and easier:


A smartphone is a powerful tool with the right intentions. With all the amazing apps available at your fingertips, you can vastly improve your academics right away. You can research on the spot, reach out to your block mates and professors, manage your class schedules, take a picture of the class’ board and record the audio of your lecture using this wonderful gadget.

Portable Charger

If you need a quick battery boost in the mid of a three-hour lecture, a portable charger is a handy gadget you have to bring at all times. With this, you will never experience that horror of a dead phone again.

Budget-Friendly Laptop

A trusty and portable laptop is a must-have for every student, but buying one does not have to drag down your wallet. Take the extra mile and find a computer that will suit your basic needs at a reasonable price point. Remember to buy one that has a large hard-drive that can hold all your applications and files.

Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

A school is a loud place for an institution that provides education, but don’t worry, with noise-cancelling headphones, you can finally drown this noise. Especially if you’re living in a dormitory with four people, this is a great way to immerse yourself in your academic endeavors.

Plus, make it wireless for an added portability.

Paperwhite E-Reader

Read your digital files and textbook right away with this handy device. Plus, lugging heavy textbooks around can be a nuisance at times. This lightweight e-reader contains thousands of books and all the while giving you an impeccable eye care technology.

Alarm Clock

For students who have morning classes, waking up is easily one of the hardest tasks. Make sure to boost your academic productivity with a functional and loud alarm clock that will jolts you out of sleep right away.

Of course, get an adequate amount sleep too.

Wi-Fi router

Slow speed internet is one of the most frustrating things you can encounter in your academic life. To avoid this, buy a decent Wi-Fi router. You will see faster internet that will help you figure out your homework and course reading.

Surge Protector

With all your electrical equipment, it is important that you take precautions with a surge protector. Of course, if you run out with an outlet, this can also boost your productivity.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you want a clean room and don’t have the time to sweep the floor, consider investing in a robot vacuum cleaner. It is user-friendly and relatively efficient depending on what lies on your floor.

Portable Printer

Most schools provide free use of printers, but it’s always bustling with people waiting for their turns. If you’re tired of this scenario, consider getting yourself a portable printer. Find one that is efficient, affordable and armed with Wi-Fi technology.

Go all the way by grabbing one with a copier and scanner, granted you have the money to afford it.

Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

For occasions that you don’t have your laptop around, a folding bluetooth keyboard can be the best solution. With a foldable keyboard, you can get your homework done and take notes on your phone at all times.

Laptop Cooling Pad

For the all-nighters that seem endless, a cooling pad is crucial to help moderate the temperature of your laptop. Grab one that is portable and efficient.

Bottom Line

Gadgets and electronics can range from cheap to expensive, but don’t worry, there are many loans out there that will provide you financial aid. If you have bad credit or even no bank account in the first place, LetMeBank suggests looking into installment loans that are designed to cater to your situation.

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