The Best Document Management Programs of 2019

The Best Document Management Programs of 2019

In the current era, digitization and technological advancements are at the forefront and quickly gaining more ground. As such, it’s no surprise that almost everything has turned to online storage.

As a part of this, you’ll need a reliable document management program. This will allow you to back up files online rather than limiting them to a single computer and access them anywhere. It’s also a great way to work with others on projects. For instance, if a client is working with professional essay writers online, those writers need to be able to easily share files with clients. If they are going to provide writing and editing services, they need effective storage for those essays and a direct line to sharing them with clients.


eFileCabinet aims to go above and beyond what the standard management systems do. It’s more than just a place to store, edit, and share items. It also aims to automate workflow and integration to make everything fast and easy. When looking for specific content, you can use their advanced search to find exactly what you need. These features are especially helpful when you are dealing with a high volume of material.

This software also works extra hard to keep everything stored on it secure. They accomplish this through their data governance. So, you can trust that your data isn’t accessible by anyone you don’t want to have access to it.

Google Drive

Alphabet and Google services have become absolute titans in the industry. For document management, the best thing Google offers is their Google Drive. This has become incredibly popular and for good reason. It works as a one-stop shop for uploading documents to a folder or even composing them within the program. Users can invite others to view or edit material as long as they have a Gmail account as well.

Google Drive also offers automatic saves while users are creating content. This means that fear of a computer crash deleting content is virtually a thing of the past. It’s also helpful that anyone can easily access this service for free.


If a user is looking for something that is made for sharing in particular, there are plenty of options. Programs like FileInvite might be a good fit. This management program is designed with businesses and clients in mind. It’s meant to eliminate the process of emailing back and forth or asking for permission to view.

Instead, anyone, the content is shared with can view content. This helps to keep things clean, neat, and easy to understand. It also helps in ensuring that nothing gets lost in transit. In addition, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to attach a document or choosing the wrong one.

At the same time, though, it protects your content as well. Unless you directly share something, it isn’t going to be accessible to anyone else.


While a newer option, M-Files already boasts large users such as Comcast. Its goal, much like others we’ve looked at, is ease of use, improvement of workflows, and security. With its use, you can expect to cut down on duplication and integrate systems such as Microsoft Office. If something is duplicated, M-Files will alert users so they can decide what is kept, helping with organization.

For those dealing with many items on the software, it offers advanced searching. You can search by criteria such as date, title, or client to quickly pull up what you need.


Whether for work or school, being able to keep your digital information in order is important. With a document management program, you’ll be able to keep everything together and in order.

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