Thrustmaster TMX vs Logitech G920: A Practical Showdown

Games from the very beginning intrigued most of the people, and since PC started to become more powerful and having more efficiency gaming industry just boomed to a whole new level.

Consoles from the onset were very popular across gamers but in the recent past PC is giving stiff competition to it.

Anyway, different platforms aside gaming industry have evolved a lot, with more innovation coming soon.

In this article, we are going to discuss about a product which is not for the average people and most people don’t know about it, but for some people, it is of great value and worth.

We will compare two top-notch racing wheels both from two huge gaming peripherals company that is Thrustmaster TMX vs Logitech G920.

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In case you still don’t understand what racing wheels are for then as a brief description, racing wheels are gaming peripherals used mainly for racing games and to have an experience of driving just like real life rather than pressing some keystrokes or moving your gamepad.

So, without wasting any more time we shall start our comparison between the Thrustmaster TMX vs thLogitechch G920.

Build and design

The Logitech G920 uses premium materials and the spokes are made up of anodized aluminium which provides rigidity, the wheel cover is made up of leather and both the steering shaft and the paddles are made up of stainless steel.

Yes in terms of build the Logitech G920 is top notch and will definitely last for a long time.

Now, coming to the Thrustmaster TMX, the build is not that great when compared to the Logitech G920, there is major use of plastic, the pedals are made up of plastic, the exterior of the driving wheel is also made completely of plastic which is of great contrast to the leather exterior of the G920.

The spoke shifters are still made up of metal which provides the much-needed premium touch to this product.

Hands down, we can say that the Logitech G920 performs better than the Thrustmaster TMX in the build and design department, the use of premium materials in the G920 clearly stands out over the more plasticky TMX. Design wise they both look quite good and will definitely give an uber cool touch to your gaming setup.

Features and performance

In case of performance and features both the Thrustmaster TMX and the Logitech G920 performs excellently.

The Logitech G920 has a rotation of about ‘900’ degrees while the Thrustmaster TMX has a rotation of about ‘900’ degrees.

Both of them have forced feedback functionality which is crucial for premium racing wheels.

Another major difference between the two is the drive type while the Logitech G920 uses the helical gears completely the Thrustmaster TMX uses the combination of helical gears and a belt.

In terms of smoothness, the TMX is slightly better than the G920 due to the partial use of belts, and it is also less noisy than the G920 which makes it better for your long uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Well, it was quite tough to decide which one is better but ultimately due to the smoother experience of the wheel and the less noise of the TMX. It takes the crown in this department, although, the G920 also performs very well and gives stiff competition to it.

Compatibility and warranty

In terms of compatibility, there is nothing to compare between the two. Both the Logitech g920 and the Thrustmaster tmx are specially made for the “Xbox One”.

Hold on Playstation and PC fans don’t get disappointed soon both the G920 and the tmx have their cousins even in those platforms also named the Logitech G29 and the Thrustmaster T150.

Both the G920 and the G29 performs similarly just the names are different, and the scenario is the same for the T150 and TMX.

In terms of the warranty, the Logitech G920 comes with a 2-year limited hardware warranty while the warranty provided by the TMX is not clearly stated.


After all those factors we come to the most important factor of them all that is the price.

Well the price of Thrustmaster TMX is lower than the Logitech G920, and being honest it is expected because of the use of premium materials in the G920.

In this department too the Thrustmaster TMX takes the lead over the Logitech G920.


The G920 is built very well certainly a lot better than the TMX although both of them looks good.

In terms of performance, the TMX is slightly better than G920 because of the smoother experience provided by the use of both helical gears and a belt rather than the use of helical gears in the G920.

The TMX is also considerably less noisy than the G920. And ultimately in cost department, the TMX again takes a lead over the G920 as it is priced considerably lower.

Thrustmaster TMX vs Logitech G920: Which One Should You Go For?

Well in this price segment both the Logitech G920 and Thrustmaster TMX performs excellently well but in some way, the TMX is better and thus should be termed as the better option.

Being said that if build quality matters a lot to you and you can pay those extra bucks then certainly the Logitech G920 is also a great option and is worth considering.


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