How to Get Rid of the Tinder Error 40303?

Who doesn’t know Tinder these days? Where online dating has become a trend, Tinder has been and is its cradle. This dating app allows you to contact people within the same area and locality as you through the mutual interests you have. On your Tinder profile, you can upload your picture, write something about you in the bio and then your profile will be shown on others’ Tinder account. They can either swipe right to show that they are interested or swipe left and show disinterest.

Because of the objectives of Tinder, to form connections online, it also has a severe privacy policy to ensure its users required safety. If anybody is trying to misuse the Tinder platform with ill motives, they may get banned on Tinder. Any violation of Tinder community leads to loss of your Tinder account for a period of a lifetime. Tinder error 40303 is the consequence of such ban which results in losing your Tinder account and then unable to access it.

Reasons for Tinder error code 40303

There could be various reasons for Tinder error 40303 account ban, just three reports can get you in trouble. Anything related to the below could be a reason for Tinder error code 40303-

  • Scamming
  • Spamming
  • Harassment
  • Hatred
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Improper texts to your match
  • Nudity
  • Graphic content
  • No profile picture
  • Transgender, Crossdressing or other forms of LGBTQ
  • Violation of any of Tinder’s terms and conditions of service

These are some of the major and common reasons for account banning on Tinder.

How to Fix Tinder error 40303?

When you have violated Tinder’s policy or terms and your account has been banned then there is NO solution to it. You simply cannot recover your account when it has been banned.

All you can do next is-

Contact Tinder

If you think your account has been taken down for no solid reason, then you can try contacting Tinder through Email. You can send an Email describing your queries and request to

Create a new account on Tinder

As I have stated earlier, there is no way you can get your Tinder account back when you have violated the Terms. But you can start new by creating another Tinder account. Just make sure you do nothing wrong this time or even this new account of yours will be banned by the Tinder community for violating their terms. And then you may again face the Tinder error code 40303.


This was it about Tinder error code 40303. If hope you have found the solution you were looking for. Although there is no exact solution or recovery for error code 40303, if you follow the Tinder norms, you will not face this problem at the first place.


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