TOP 3 Tools to Use While Developing New Website in 2019

It is not an easy task to come up with a new website and you need to focus on various important parameters than simply designing pages. Your website cannot turn into success if you have not analysed user requirements properly. Other than that, be aware of constituents which can increase the impact of the website. The content of the website carries a lot of important because serious readers go through the content before they glance at the product options. Similarly, a new website needs to develop trust. If you are connected through top notch websites through backlinks, winning trust does not remain a problem. However, if you do not have high standard backlinks, it becomes almost impossible to win the trust of the audience. In an overall manner, you have to focus on managing the website properly.

Using top notch tools can take your website to another level within no time. The point is that you should take your time and pick the correct tools. The random selection of tools can obviously be harmful.

Paraphrasing tool

As it has been explained above, the content of a website is very important. If readers are not getting interesting information on your website, you cannot expect them to spend time and develop interest. You can always use existing online resources to develop content including portals, gazettes and several other sources. This does not mean that you can copy it. If you think that a chunk of text suits the requirement of your website, you should paraphrase it so that all chances of copied content can be removed.

  • The option to manually check the actual source and rephrase the content is always there but it would tire you immensely. Looking at the actual source and rephrasing the content means putting in long hours. Along with that even one mistake can spoil the effort in a complete manner. This is the risk that manual paraphrasing has. To avoid it, you should try and use a paraphrasing tool.
  • How does a quality paraphrasing tool help you? If you are using a high standard tool like Prepost SEO paraphrasing tool, life would become ,much easier for you. To paraphrase the content using this tool, you can upload the text in two ways. One is that you can copy the text from the source file and paste it in the provided text box. Within few minutes, the written text would be paraphrased completely.

In other words, it would free of plagiarism in every way. Another alternative to upload the text is browsing for the document. High quality paraphrasing tools have the feature of uploading document in .doc, PDF and other key formats. These paraphrasing tools save immense time for the user. Within few minutes, even several thousand words are completely rephrased. Once the paraphrasing job has been completed by the tool, you do not have to do any checking.

Google Webmasters

It is not that simple to play the role of a webmaster. To start with, you would be responsible for end to end management of the website. With Google Webmasters console, you can manage your website in the best possible manner. Here are some features that it has.

  • Consider that you have created a stunning website but it has not been indexed properly. Would the targeted customers be able to view the website? The answer to this question is no. A website cannot be viewed by users if it has not been indexed properly. In addition to that, if selective pages have been indexed, users would only be able to view them. The pages which have not been indexed would not be viewed by users. Through Google Webmasters, you can check whether all the pages of your website have been indexed or not.
  • At times, the traffic rate of a website starts going down at a very fast pace. The reason is that one of the key pages of the website has not been indexed properly. Websites undergo modification from time to time so that new features are offered to the users every now and then. At times, some web pages are replaced completely with newly designed pages. However, these new pages are not indexed. This brings the traffic rate down because users are unable to view these newly designed pages. You can determine whether all pages of the website are indexed or not by using Google Webmaster.

Google Analytics

Is your website lagging behind other rivals? Do you feel that the rank of your website is falling and the reason is not apparent? Through Google Analytics, you can determine the requirements which your competitors are fulfilling and you are not. At times, a particular page of the website has a problem. If this page is integral, the traffic rate falls by major margins. However, website owners fail to figure this out if they are not using a quality tool like Google Analytics. Here are some essential benefits of Google Analytics which you may be unaware of.

  • Which keywords are being used in the content of your website? Is the content updated with relevant keywords? How can you check whether the correct keywords have been used in the content or not? Google Analytics provides you with a complete clear picture of keywords that have been used in your content. Your competitors may be getting an upper hand on you due to the correct selection of keywords.
  • Are visitors exiting your website after visiting a particular page? This does happen when a particular page does not match the expectations of most users. If the services page has not been designed properly with the correct content, most people would not spend time on it. However, to determine the page which has to be improved, using Google Analytics is the best possible option. It provides a complete picture of the website. You can also get a deep insight of how competitors are performing.

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