Top 5 Coolest Reinmeter Windows 10 Skins [2018]

Coolest Windows 10 Skins

Windows 10 is the best operating system made by Microsoft to date. There are many different customization options available officially with which you can change the wallpapers and the ascents of the title bar. If you need more customizations from what Microsoft offers then you will have to install the Rainmeter software with which you will easily be able to install some of the Reinmeter Skins Windows 10 available in the market. Let us now have a look at some of the coolest Windows 10 themes which can make your windows 10 machine look new to a whole new level.

Mac OS X EI Capitan

Every windows user does compete with his/her machine with a Mac. Macbooks have one of the best user experience and if you are looking to convert your Windows experience to one similar to Mac OS then using this theme will be quite beneficial.

Ubuntu Skin Pack

This is another theme by Rainmeter which will help you to change the look and feel of your operating system to the one which resembles Ubuntu. Do mind that most of the operations on windows will be the same, still, there are few features that the skin pack brings which can make the working of Windows PC just as like Ubuntu.

Start is back

Windows 10 and even Windows 8 had the start menu but it was quite different. Start Menu is included in Windows since Windows 95, there are people who like the nostalgia. Windows 7 was the latest iteration of Start menu which kept the functionality more or less the same as that of the old windows, hence if you are a fan of the Start menu then you must be using this theme to enhance the look of your windows with the old nostalgic feel.


This is another good theme for Windows 10, it comes with many different features which other themes doesn’t add to the windows. Windows 10 does make the theme simple and user-friendly and also gives the purest look to Windows. This theme is the best if you like Windows 10 as it still needs to refresh the look of Windows until Microsoft launches another visual update to Windows 10.

Diversity xVx

This is another great theme for Windows 10 it works like a charm with its all-new interface. The theme is made for the people to enjoy the most. The theme is quite good and will not disappoint you with any kind of problem regarding using the theme on your PC. Rainmeter works great with this theme and most of the folders and contents on Windows are customized with this theme.

If you have been using Rainmeter then these theme are going to work like a charm, but if you haven’t used Windows 10 then you will not be able to cop up with the working of themes because at times these themes does makes the windows slow due to the high rendering of the theme components during the working of the device.


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