Top Google Alternatives in 2018

Google is the master when it comes to App Store because most of the android devices come pre-installed with the same. But there are many other app stores available in the market where you can get a much better choice of applications in their categories. Let us now look at the best app store alternatives to the Play Store. You can also find other cool apps at

Amazon App Store for Android

Amazon being one of the biggest tech giants in the world is the biggest competitor to Google. Amazon just to promote their app stores gives their user a paid app for free and using their play store also gets you free titles to read and also gets a huge selection of books on their App Store. Another perk of Amazon’s store is movies and songs being offered at lower prices than you can find at Play Store.


They are one of the oldest app providers in the industry. Their website provides thousands of paid android apps and games for free. The store is popular among users who .are looking for better categorizing of apps and is in the top 10 list of best alternatives to the Play Store. Another perk of using this app store is they provide an HTTPS connection to download the application which makes it secure and pretty fast than other alternatives to Google Play Store.


They offer a wide range of premium and free android application for wide verities of the application developer. There are many other developers on this platform who cannot afford the charges to publish the apps on Google Play and are just beginners. Hence you can try new apps from upcoming developers of the industry.


This is one of the most unique and centralized stores which manages most of the task ranging from auto-updating the apps to installing the recommended apps so you can check them out. The app store is the best when it comes to having an online web store which can be accessed on the PC so you can choose applications via a desktop and send download command to the phone just as you do on Google Play. You can also install apps via the desktop applications to the phone if your phone lacks good internet connectivity.


They are available in a wide variety of language which currently counts to 12 while it is increasing daily. They provide secured applications by checking each application with VirusTotal. They also have a news blog which does send out feed to you for top 10 monthly apps and also best app of the week where they showcase full tutorial to use the application.

These are the top 5 app store you will find other than Google Play. Do note that you will not be finding these stores on Google Play as they don’t promote their own competitors so you will be required to sideload these applications. DO let us know in the comment section below if you find any issue updating the applications or installing these app stores.

You can also have your entertainment requirements fulfilled at

Final Words

In this article, we have talked about alternatives for Google Play Store on an Android phone. Let us know if we have missed anything and you would like to get it covered via comments. Thanks for reading.


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