Tourism Professionals How to Attract Tourists To Pass

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Each year millions of people take the road for holidays, weekends or business trips. These are all potential customers for traders, restaurateurs and hoteliers. Here are our tips to attract these tourists to your institutions.

People habits in tourism

Research for the organization of holidays is now a priority for mobile and they start earlier and earlier. We note that searches for travel for the summer holidays begin in February with a peak in the heart of the season. Most of the best destinations you have to choose from the trending Destinations and become Marco Polo or Ibn Battuta.

What are the actions to put in place for your institution to be visible?

1) Local referencing, mandatory digital visibility

With the explosion of the use of smartphones, mobile search is becoming more and more important to find shops, restaurants or hotels nearby.

88% of local searches on a smartphone result in a call or a visit to the store within 24 hours according to the FEVAD.

Which means for you that a website is the minimum necessary to present your products and services, indicate your address and your opening hours.

A well-built professional website should allow you to obtain a reasonable positioning on uncompromising local queries without particular optimizations, but it will be necessary to set up additional actions to successfully position yourself on competitive research such as “Toulouse hotel”. .

In the field of tourism, universal research is changing the game. Photos and videos are a must to catch the attention of your potential customers on the Internet and bring them to your home. The rich snippets can also help you with the posting of notices or events that you organize during the summer. Finally a page Google My Business well informed and regularly powered will be an added advantage.

2) The web to store, an interesting concept for tourism professionals

The web to store is a concept that refers to an increasingly frequent behavior of consumers who will conduct searches on the Internet to inquire before making a purchase in store. The search for information will concern both the product and the store where they will make the purchase and in this process, the opinions of Internet users will play a vital role.

3) Mobile optimization an obligation

Having a mobile or responsive website is necessary for your SEO but also and above all to make life easier for your prospects. Indeed, the tourists of passage carry out their research since their mobiles or their tablets. If you want to attract them, you must offer them a suitable experience.

4) Local advertising

Facebook, like Google AdWords and even Waze, allow you to geotag your ads to precisely reach people close to your business.

Depending on the platform, you will be able to set up campaigns with a very specific targeting, such as the fact that the people who are near your business are transitory and not resident.

5) Be present on social networks

Facebook or Instagram to name but two are used daily by a large part of their followers, including on holidays or business trips. Social networks are therefore allies in your visibility. 

If you want to manage to capture the tourists and bring them into your business, you’ve seen you today must bet on the web and digital communication. And nothing better than to surround yourself with professionals to ensure your success.

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