Turtle Beach Elite Pro vs Astro A50: Everything You Need To Know

A lot of PC gamers do not spend enough on buying their output peripherals as much as they invest in input devices. Honestly, headsets are the most neglected ones. I strongly believe that gaming is not just about moving your mouse and keyboard; instead one must focus on the auditory part of the game too.

If you are one of those PC gamers like me and are right now debating about which gaming headset would you pick between the Turtle Beach Elite Pro vs Astro A50 and whether or not it is worth your money, then you are here at the right place.

Well although both of them are quite similar in pricing, yet, they still do have slight differences in their build quality and technical specifications. Therefore, I expect my readers to get it a little easier in taking the decision after reading this article.

Both the headsets stand out to be among the most popular deals. Well, there do exist some differences in both of them when it comes to performance. Read on till the end to know more about their specs!

Turtle Beach Elite Pro vs Astro A50

Surprisingly, both the headsets provide a high-quality experience in terms of both audio and comfort. Also, each of them has got their own positive and negative points. Thus, a decision could be taken under your personal preferences too!

What’s In The Box?

Astro A50 comes with a headset, a 3.5mm cable, an optical cable, a MixAmp controller and a USB cable.

On the other hand, Turtle Beach Elite Pro comes with a headset, 3.5mm cables (x2), an optical cable, a TAC controller and USB cables (x2).

The connector length is ideal for attaching the devices to MP3 players or computer sound cards. However, Astro A50 has a detachable cable that could be pulled out anytime and you may choose to use an alternative in its place.


Wireless devices offer more freedom to the users. Astro A50 is wireless while Turtle Beach Elite Pro isn’t!

Sound Isolation

Turtle Beach Elite Pro sits tightly in place and creates an acoustic deal in order to prevent any background noise to come in as well as restricts the leakage of music. However, this feature seems to be absent in Astro A50.

Neodymium Magnet

Devices that comprise of a Neodymium magnet are usually considered to be more powerful than the ones with ferrite magnet. Turtle Beach Elite Pro has it, but Astro A50 does not. Besides, such devices tend to create more bass and clear high notes.

Control Panel Placed on the Device

The device body has got a control panel placed on it. This allows you to control the device without having to interact with any cable. Astro A50 has got this feature while Turtle Beach Elite Pro seems to lack it!

Noise Cancelling Microphone

Astro A50 comes with a noise cancelling microphone that is capable of filtering out the desired sound from that of the background noises. This noise cancelling potential works great while gaming in a noisy environment or in a room where too many people are chattering. Turtle Beach Elite Pro, however, lacks it!

Mute function

Both the devices have the provision using which a user can directly mute or unmute a conversation from the device.

Supports Dolby Digital and Stereo Speakers

Astro A50 supports Dolby digital while Turtle Beach Elite Pro does lack it. Thus, the former one is expected to have a greater sound quality. However, both of them have stereo speakers to deliver sound from independent channels.

Over the Ear Form

Both Astro A50 as well as Turtle Beach Elite Pro has over the ear forms with ear cups that enclose the ears completely. Besides, it is quite more comfortable as well as prevents any sound leakage. Moreover, it protects your ear from loudness levels.

A Headset With A Removable Microphone

Other than gaming, you can use a headset for video calling over Skype and other social media for communication as well. While Astro A50 has a removable microphone that you may choose to attach or detach, Turtle Beach Elite Pro has a built-in microphone.

Lowest and Highest Frequency Ranges

Devices with a low-frequency response tend to produce a stronger bass sound. Astro A50 has the lowest frequency of 20Hz while Turtle Beach Elite Pro has the lowest frequency of 12Hz.

On the other hand, the higher the high-frequency response, the crisper the sound would be! Astro A50 has the highest frequency of 20000 Hz while the Turtle Beach Elite Pro has the highest frequency of 24000 Hz.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro vs Astro A50 — Which One Is Better?

Turtle Beach Elite Pro is a complex package with too many things together, however, if you are the one who has been looking for a simple deal, Astro A50 is the one for you.

On the other hand, if you emphasize more on sound quality and bass, you may pick Turtle Beach Elite Pro. Both of them do work great; it actually depends on personal preferences. I personally opt for Astro A50 though it has got only a few differences with the other, yet the functionality remains the same!

Final Words:

I hope this comparison article between the Turtle Beach Elite Pro vs Astro A50 helped you make your final buying decision. If you found this article useful do leave a comment down below and also share it with all your enthusiastic gaming friends it directly or indirectly motivates us to write more articles for you guys.

Thanks for taking the time and reading the article. You’re awesome!

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