What is Cisco Leap Module and Should you Remove it? [Updated]

So you recently went through the list of the installed programs on your computer. And came across to this program called Cisco Leap Module?

And the second question that you had in your head was “What is Cisco Leap Module on my computer?”

Well. if you are looking for an answer to this question then I’m here to help you out. As you continue to read further in this article, I’ll be talking about what is Cisco Leap Module?

Also, I’ll tell you if you need the program or not. So let’s just get into the topic without any further due.

What is Cisco Leap Module and should you remove it?

Whenever you visit the list of installed programs on your computer, you would see three programs. These programs are the “Cisco LEAP module”, “Cisco PEAP module”, and the “Cisco EAP- FAST module”.

Now the question is, what these programs are and how do they function? Well, these programs stand for these following meanings:

  • EAP-FAST: Extensible Authentication Protocol-Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling
  • PEAP: Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol
  • LEAP: Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol

However, talking about the Cisco Leap Module. In a single sentence, you can say that Cisco Leap Module is an authentication protocol which is developed by Cisco.

The Cisco Leap module is based on an 802.1X authentication type framework which is made for Wireless or WLAN connection. This program helps in creating a strong connection between the client and a RADIUS server using a login password as the shared secret one.

Furthermore, the program offers a dynamic per user, per session encryption keys. The program basically allows the users to rotate the WEP keys for wireless encryption. In addition to that, the program is based on the MS-CHAP authentication program created by Microsoft.

It was launched at first in the year of 2000. Also, the module supports WPA and WPA2 and comes with the support for Cisco’s Aironet and other client devices which are Cisco compatible. The Cisco Leap Module uses a standard framework and helps in boosting the security of a WLAN authentication.

It also offers a single login access using the Windows directory. The longing access comes with the username and a password and helps companies and organizations to manage their security online. The program is easily upgradeable also it allows the companies to expand their security solutions in an easy way. However, the program is outdated and should not be used unless there is a need.

Now the question is do I need Cisco Leap Module? Or I can just go ahead and uninstall the program. Well, here is the answer to your question.

Cisco Leap Module do I need it?

Before you go ahead and make a decision of uninstalling the program. You need to ask yourself a couple of questions. The questions are:

  • Have you ever connected to a domain network?
  • Have you used CISCO products earlier?

If you have never connected to a domain network or have never used a Cisco product, then feel free to uninstall the programs. As a normal computer user, you may need these features. Also by uninstalling these programs, you would not hurt your computer in any way.

The Cisco Leap Module is a program which is used by large organizations or educational purpose.

However, if you ever feel like reinstalling these programs, then you will easily get the download links available online. Also, it can be installed on the different windows versions. Like Windows 98, XP, 7 and Windows 10.

Well, that was all for the “What is Cisco Leap Module and should you remove it?” article. If you happen to have any questions then feel free to comment down.

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